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Desert Strike – Midweek Mega Drive Madness

Get those rockets a-flying in EA's Desert Strike!

Eternal Champions (Sega Mega Drive) – You didn’t buy it?!

Street Fighter II and, later, Mortal Kombat, kicked off a craze that was perhaps the swansong of the arcade industry in many parts of the world. The arcade fighting game...

Mid-Week Mega Drive Madness – Haunting starring Polterguy

Getting haunted by that bastion of booginess himself, Polterguy!... who?

Friday’s Forgotten Few – Chakan: The Forever Man

Taking a quick look back at the man who has all the time in the world, our friend, Chakan the Forever Man!

SEGA Mega Drive – The Essential Collection

Mega Drive, Genesis, Nomad, they’re all the same really. They all play the best of what Sega and its friends were offering back in the early to mid 90s.  It always...

Alien Soldier (SEGA Mega Drive) – You Didn’t Buy It?!

A must own for any Mega Drive fan Treasure is a studio all Mega Drive fans should know well. Why exactly? For their games of course, but barring that it’s the...

Shaq-Fu – WTF Wednesday

Shaq Attack Strikes Welcome to WTF Wednesday! A series where we’ll be looking at strange and often times, awful games that make us scratch our heads in confusion...

Comix Zone – Retro Journey

Comix Zone is a game released towards the end of the Mega Drive. Developed by Sega Technical Institute, it’s the brainchild of one man. Peter Morawiec. He had...

Aladdin – Retro Journey

Welcome back to Retro Journey! Yup, we’ve done a rename now! The series is based on my adventures on the train, so it only makes sense for it to be named after...

SEGA Mega Drive Classic Home Console and Ultimate Portable Handheld with 80 games!

The Classic Home Console and Ultimate Portable Handheld (With an SD card slot) are going to come packed with EIGHTY games on each unit! Including classics like Sonic the...

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Years of Being the Fastest Thing Alive

Sonic the Hedgehog made his videogame debut on this date twenty-five years ago and to celebrate this achievement we have compiled a list of the most notable games in the...


Footage from Unreleased Akira Game Appears Online

Footage from an unreleased Akira game has recently appeared online and despite being cancelled the game actually looks quite enjoyable.

SEGA 3D Classics Colleciton

Fantasy Zone Found within SEGA 3D Classics Collection

A Selection of Nintendo 3DS owners have discovered that the SEGA Master System version of Fantasy Zone can be found within the SEGA 3D Classics Collection.

Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub To Launch on Steam

SEGA have announced that a Hub World for SEGA Mega Drive games, otherwise known as SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub, will be available on Steam.

Retro Video Game Collection Consisting of Over 3,000 Titles Spotted on eBay

A Retro Video Game Collection consisting of over 3,000 titles has been listed on eBay; and it features some impressive titles.


SEGA Mega Drive Wireless (with 80 games) Competition!

This is your chance to win a brand new SEGA Mega Drive Wireless console (with 80 games!)

Refurbished Retro Hardware Sale at Funstock Retro!

For the duration of the weekend Funstock Retro, European’s number 1 destination for retro gaming, will be hosting a Refurbished Retro Hardware Sale. The sale will...

HIDDEN GEMS VOL. 6: Rolo to the Rescue (Mega Drive)

Rolo to the Rescue is an intriguing one for me, and maybe I’m kidding myself here, but I’m convinced that I am the only person on the planet who still thinks about...