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10 Silliest Excuses For Secret Levels

Sometimes, we may stumble across them by pure chance, or after pulling off some ridiculous requirements. Regardless, secret levels in video games are usually a real...

Metal Gear Solid (PS1) – Think You Can Beat It?

The 1998 stealth-action title Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation helped set new standards in both storytelling and gameplay within games of its ilk and the title...

Metal Gear Solid – The First Modern Gaming Masterpiece?

The year 1998 was an epic one for video gamers across the world – few years before or since have seen the release of so many high-quality titles, many of which...

Difficult Games: To Live Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A look at moments in games that have you tearing your hair out in hard frustration, and why!

best ps1 games ever

The Best PS1 Games, Ever!

A look back at the best PS1 games including classics such as Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Croc, Spyro, Resident Evil, Tekken and many many more!