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PlayStation Mini – Full Games List Announced!

In September, PlayStation announced the PlayStation Classic – a mini PS1 console pre-loaded with 20 titles from Sony’s era-defining PS1 console....

Metal Gear Solid (PS1) – Think You Can Beat It?

The 1998 stealth-action title Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation helped set new standards in both storytelling and gameplay within games of its ilk and the title...

The Top 10 Underrated GameCube Games

The 10 Underrated GameCube Games you need to check out! Including Metal Gear Solid, Ikagura and more

The Top 10 PS2 Games of All Time

The top 10 PS2 Games of all time! Developers were awash in success from pumping out hit games on the PS2 - many decided to take risks we haven’t seen since.

Metal Gear Solid – The First Modern Gaming Masterpiece?

The year 1998 was an epic one for video gamers across the world – few years before or since have seen the release of so many high-quality titles, many of which...

Difficult Games: To Live Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A look at moments in games that have you tearing your hair out in hard frustration, and why!