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streets of rage 4 multiplayer

Streets of Rage 4 Will Have 4 Player Local Co-Op

Streets of Rage 4 has a brand new trailer, released by Dotemu! It’s still so awesome we’re getting a new Streets of Rage from Lizardcube and Guard Crush...

Unreal Tournament – Think You Can Beat It?

Epic Games may be known as the team behind the kiddie-centric battle royale shooter Fortnite, but history will forever know them as the creators of one of the greatest...

Quake III Arena – Think You Can Beat It?

The Quake series always had a bit of an identity crisis. Id Software bickered like children on whether the first game should be a fantasy game or a sci-fi shooter,...

Innovative ways of stopping those split-screen cheaters!

Online mode isn’t the only way to take on your friends – and in years gone by the only option to was to invite them over for a bout of split-screen chaos....

sonic adventure

Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure Recreated in Halo 5

A team of skilled Halo 5 Forge Map creators have managed to recreate the entire Emerald Coast level from Sonic Adventure in Halo 5.


MarioMMO Sees Super Mario Bros Become a Multiplayer Game

A massively multiplayer online version of Super Mario Bros has been discovered online which allows users to play Super Mario Bros with each other.