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The Nintendo Classic Mini has better graphics than the Virtual Console!

The Nintendo Classic Mini is making tons of buzz around the area for being one of the best callbacks to Retro gaming in recent years. With the ability to save during...

The best Instagram user ever – The Gameboy Cameraman!

Instagram is a neat place where you can see all sorts of cool content, from looking at your favourite celebrities and their daily activities, to an artist and their...

Retro Spotlight : Mario Kart Speed Strife and Legend of Zelda in Unreal Engine 4!

Welcome to Retro Spotlight! The series where we put some focus on some of the coolest things happening in the Retro Gaming community. This can be fan made games,...

A rare look into Nintendo during the early 90’s!

A director by the name of Jean-Jacques Beineix made a film called 'Otaku' in which he looked at the electronic youth culture in Japan!

Somebody programmed their old Game Boy to pilot a drone!

Drones are the craze sweeping the world right now! somebody decided they would modify a Game Boy to pilot one! The results are amazing!

You can play Classic NES games on the Microsoft HoloLens!

Someone has made an emulator that let's you play NES games, but the best part is that it loads the game in a 3D effect style for the HoloLens!

Official Nintendo Merchandise Competition!

You could win some awesome Official Nintendo Merchandise by entering this competition that combines awesome merchandise and retro gaming!

Read Classic Retro Nintendo Power Magazine Issues Online!

Fan of Nintendo games? There are some amazing magazines you can read online for free! Sit back and have a look at a piece of gaming history!

10 Games That Should Make A Comeback!

Ever sit down and recall a game you loved as a kid? You know? THAT game. The one that you just could not put down no matter how many times you tried?

Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System!

Take yourself back to time of the NES! Nintendo has brought the eighties memories to the modern era! A brand new console made by the guys at Nintendo...

Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros 2 World Speedrun Record Broken

Super Mario Bros 2 has received a new speedrun world record; this time beating the game 50 seconds faster than any previous attempt.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Years of Being the Fastest Thing Alive

Sonic the Hedgehog made his videogame debut on this date twenty-five years ago and to celebrate this achievement we have compiled a list of the most notable games in the...

Kaettekita Mario Bros

Kaettekita Mario Bros Receives English Fan Translation

A Japanese Famicom Disk Game known asĀ Kaettekita Mario Bros, which was actually an enhanced version of the original Mario Bros game, has recently received an English...


Nintendo Partners with Mojang for Mario Expansion Pack

Nintendo have announced a new partnership with sees a retro themed Mario pack being released for the Wii U version of Minecraft.


Nintendo Partners with VAN’s for Nintendo Themed Shoes

Nintendo have announced that they have partnered with VAN's to create a retro range of Nintendo theme sneakers and shoes.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Levels Beaten Simultaneously

Ever wanted to see all of levels in Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 beaten at the same time? Well now you can!

Retro Video Game Collection Consisting of Over 3,000 Titles Spotted on eBay

A Retro Video Game Collection consisting of over 3,000 titles has been listed on eBay; and it features some impressive titles.

Starfox 64 Released onto Wii U eShop

Just a month before Star Fox Zero is released onto the Wii U Nintendo have released Star Fox 64 onto the Nintendo 64 Virtual Console.