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Bloke Finds Atari 2700 Prototype At Second-Hand Shop

Find for the ages! We’ve been talking about what is new with Atari as of late. Their latest console release for example. However, there has been little in the news...

Banjo Kazooie Inspired ‘A Hat In Time’ Will Launch This Year

  Step aside Yooka Laylee A Hat In Time was quite hyped up back when it launched on Kickstarter, raising around $300K at the time. It’s a platformer that was...

Top 5 Retro Gaming Sidekicks

Characters you can count on There is a saying that is quite amusing but also speaks volumes of what a serious bond is. A good friend will bail you out of Jail. Whereas a...

Unreleased Diddy Kong Racing Sequel Revealed!

Diddy Kong Racing is one of those classic N64 games that you always have in your memory, it’s not exactly a flagship game like Super Mario 64 or Legend of Zelda:...

Shovel Knight joins Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor ‘Yooka-Laylee!’

Do you know what Yooka-Laylee is? You should! It’s the game that former Rare developers are working on at the moment which serves at a successor to Banjo-Kazooie....

Battletoads NES Prototype Appears Online for Sale

A prototype of the NES game Battletoads has recently appeared for sale online.

Project Dream Gameplay Footage Released by RARE

As part of a new video series RARE takes a look at cancelled SNES & N64 title; Project Dream.

Ten Rare Retro Games You Can Play on your Handheld Android Console

We uncover ten of the rarest retro games you can play on your handheld android console such as the JXD, GPD XD and BLAZE TAB.

The Best Nintendo 64 Games

Just what were the Best Nintendo 64 games; well we take a look and find out!

Oddities in the Gaming Industry – Aiwa Mega CD

Find out about an odd system created by Aiwa and Sega which happens to be one of Sega's rarest but also unsucessful systems known as the Aiwa Mega CD.

Woman Pays $7.99 for a Game Worth $15,000

Anybody heard of 'Stadium Events' for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Nope, neither had we! But apparently it's worth $15,000, and one lucky woman paid $7.99 for it.