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5 Unforgettable Light Gun Games

Beating games with a controller is one thing, but being able to wave around a big, plastic gun at a TV screen is so much more satisfying in comparison. Light gun games...

5 Remasters We’d Like To See in 2019!

Gamers are a nostalgic crowd. And nothing proves that better than the number of remakes out on the market in any given year. But these titles aren’t just coming out...

Resident Evil vs Silent Hill

When you think of video game survival horror the two titles that typically come to mind are Resident Evil and Silent Hill. While not the first games in this genre, they...

The Top 10 Biggest Games of 1996

1996 was a heated year in video game competition - with the PC, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Nintendo 64 fighting it out for consumer dollars!

Skin Care Clinic Uses Resident Evil Umbrella Logo To Hilarious Effect

Wesker to take over the world? More likely than you think. Companies often outsource to design companies to handle their look. Not everyone can just up and make an...

Resident Evil Reboot Film In Development

Resident Evil has seen a resurgence in popularity with the recent release of Resident Evil 7, rightfully so as it delivers a fresh Horror experience that we had thought...

Resident Evil 4 continues on as a dating sim?!

April 1st has come and gone. Yet for some reason… there is going to be a Resident Evil dating sim. You read correctly. The world is going to be graced with a...

Resident Evil Celebrates 20th

Resident Evil Celebrates It’s 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago today, on the 22nd March 1996, Resident Evil, otherwise known as Biohazard, was released onto Playstation consoles in Japan; and today Capcom are...

Fans Mod Resident Evil HD with Original Audio & Character Models

Several Mod Packs have been created for Resident Evil HD that restore the original audio and classic polygon models.

Retro Resi – Resident Evil on the Game Boy Colour

Find out about HotGen Studios port of Resident Evil for the Gameboy Colour that was almost identical to the 1996 Playstion 1 release of the game.

SEGA Dreamcast – All the features that ensured it was ahead of its time

Everything the SEGA Dreamcast had to ensure it was - and still is - the standard bearer for everything we have come to take for granted in gaming.