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Unreal Tournament – Think You Can Beat It?

Epic Games may be known as the team behind the kiddie-centric battle royale shooter Fortnite, but history will forever know them as the creators of one of the greatest...

Retro Games Show Their Incredible Staying Power

Have you ever wondered how many of the wider gaming community are into retro games? Recent research by Currys PC World might just have the answer.

8Bitdo Controllers – Firmware Update Improves Connectivity

Can't connect your 8Bitdo controller to Nintendo Switch? This update will help!

Check out these Christmas Video game ads from years gone by

A collection of video games ads from Christmas catalogues – 1972 to 1996.   Just the other day we looked at how drastically different video game advertising...

A look at the very first Star Wars Console Game!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (at least in terms of Micro-transactions…), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was released on the Atari 2600.  ...

Atari “Pong” is 45 Years Old Today!

It may not look like much now, but Pong really is the Godfather of the modern gaming industry. Not bad for something that came about as a result of a training...

Remember RetroBlox? It’s got a new name – Polymega

Retroblox makes a glorious return Some of you might remember when we covered the Retroblox! A brand new modular emulation console that aimed to bring the most polished...

The Best Places To Collect Retro Games!

Collecting Retro Games is a tough and heavy task for a lot of us! My collection of Castlevania games ranges as far as the eye can see. (Or so I wish.) But it took years...

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Pre-Alpha Footage Released

Several minutes of unreleased pre-alpha footage for Tomb Raider has been made online for everyone to watch.

Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 Released onto PC and Consoles

After a relatively long stint on mobile devices publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have now released Pac-Man 256 onto the PS4, XB1 and PC.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Modded into a Co-Op Game

A group of modders have turned an N64 Rom for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into a 4-player multiplayer experience for everyone to enjoy.

The Best Kept Secrets in Retro Games

If you’ve read my pieces on Funstock in the past few months, you’ll know I really throw myself into whatever the subject is at hand. This time round, I thought I’d...

Oddities in the Gaming Industry – Aiwa Mega CD

Find out about an odd system created by Aiwa and Sega which happens to be one of Sega's rarest but also unsucessful systems known as the Aiwa Mega CD.

I Time Travel – What Does Retro Gaming Mean to You?

I Time Travel. Yes, that’s right. I time travel pretty much every day. Sounds cheesy… It is not. Whether I am looking on eBay for the last few pieces of my retro...

Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick: The Speed Runners Dream!

Gamers sure are a charitable bunch, none more so that the streaming community of twitch.tv. Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to watch and participate in...

Top 5 Retro Video Game Documentaries

It's the first in FunStock's "Top 5 Tuesday" series, for the first week Simon counts down his favourite 5 Retro Video Game Documentaries!

Play Pokémon in 3D With… Pokémon 3D | Funstock.co.uk

Developer Nilllzz has been working on an unofficial recreation of Pokémon Gold and Silver with a 3D engine, letting players traverse the world of the classic Game Boy...

dark souls bongos

Watch: This Guy Beat Dark Souls Using a Pair of Donkey Konga Bongos | Funstock.co.uk

Crazy video - a guy takes on some of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls using a pair of Donkey Konga bongos as his controller.