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Hyperkin Master System And Game Gear Converter Coming Soon?

Is a Hyperkin Master System and Game Gear Converter coming soon?  We sure hope so. Hyperkin, the folks behind the Retron 5, Supaboy S, and Nintendo Classic Mini...

5 Ways To Play Retro Games

(The following article is a submission from our friend Tyler O’ Brien over at Crush Reviews. Make sure to check out their site for some of the best product guides...

8bitdo retro receiver

8BitDo Retro Receiver; Play Games Wirelessly on your Console

The 8BitoDO Retro Receiver allows you to use bluetooth enabled controllers on your retro consoles; and it's now available from Funstock Retro.

Refurbished Retro Hardware Sale at Funstock Retro!

For the duration of the weekend Funstock Retro, European’s number 1 destination for retro gaming, will be hosting a Refurbished Retro Hardware Sale. The sale will...

Battletoads NES Prototype Appears Online for Sale

A prototype of the NES game Battletoads has recently appeared for sale online.

Can the Retro Freak be the Best Retro Gaming Device Of All Time?

Here is everything we know about the Retro Freak and its similarities to the Retron 5.

Retron 5 Giveaway – Terms and Conditions

Click here to enter the competition Terms & Conditions NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. 1. Eligibility:...

RetroN 5 Giveaway Competition

Enter your email address for a chance to win a RetroN 5 console! A winner will be announced on the 2nd December 2015.

Super Famicom Games Giveaway Competition | Funstock.co.uk

We're giving away three FREE Super Famicom games!

Retron 5 vs SNES – Clone Console vs Original Hardware – Why Upgrade?

Our user guide pits the Retron 5 vs SNES, examining the core features of the Retron's SNES functionality against the original hardware.

Retron 5 VS Super Retro TRIO | “Which Should I Buy – A Super Retro TRIO or a Retron 5?”

There are some key differences between the two devices, and it's important you consider what exactly you're looking for in a reproduction console - so we consider the...

RetroN 5 Giveaway Competition

Enter your email address for a chance to win a RetroN 5 console! A winner will be announced on the 29th February 2015.

Retron 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

The Retron 5 is really easy to use out of the box and requires little in the way of technical expertise. In terms of regular use, it’s pretty much a case of...

Retron 5 Cartridge Slots – How to Remove Carts Easily

Generally speaking, the Retron 5 is a solid and durable piece of retro gaming hardware – however, prior to the console’s UK release, there were anecdotal...

Retron 5 Status Update – Sept 2014

We are actively trying to get accurate information from Hyperkin, but we still have no confirmed release date and getting a response is becoming more and more difficult....

5 Retro Consoles You Need In Your Life

Don’t get us wrong – we love the current crop of modern consoles. These machines can offer an unparalleled audio and visual experience that continue to push the...

Everything You Need To Know About the Retron 5

We are receiving a lot of questions about the Retron 5 and we have tried to collate everything into this article - we will continue to add to it as we find out more and...

The RetroN 5 is Coming to FunStock

You read the title right, the RetroN 5 UK version is indeed coming to FunStock! We’ll make an announcement when we know more about dates and pricing, but in the...