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10 Silliest Excuses For Secret Levels

Sometimes, we may stumble across them by pure chance, or after pulling off some ridiculous requirements. Regardless, secret levels in video games are usually a real...

Multi Emulator ‘Mednafen’ now has Sega Saturn Compatibility!

Have you been looking for good Sega Saturn emulation software? We have as well! Good news awaits you with the newest player on the block!

Someone made a Virtua Fighter robot!

A dedicated Virtua Fighter fan has created a fully functional robot of Akira from the fighting game Virtua Fighter! The results are insane!

Retro Video Game Collection Consisting of Over 3,000 Titles Spotted on eBay

A Retro Video Game Collection consisting of over 3,000 titles has been listed on eBay; and it features some impressive titles.

SEGA Shoes Based on MegaDrive, Dreamcast and Saturn!

These stunning new SEGA themed shoes based on the classic MegaDrive, Dreamcast and Saturn designs have just been announced!