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Six Games That Should Be On The Sega Mega Drive Mini

What with the poor selection of games that shipped with the Playstation Mini last year, and it’s critical and commercial panning, we are more than a little worried for...

Bonanza Bros – CO-OP Classics

Before Sega began challenging Nintendo for home console dominance the company was still very much an arcade titan. But it wasn’t just a prominent name in the arcades...

A Brief History of: SEGA

While it may be the company known for Sonic the Hedgehog now, the arcade titan that was Sega got its start in video games long before it even dreamed of blue...

Flicky (Sega Mega Drive) – Think You Can Beat It?

When you think of video games with intense gameplay and memorable, high-octane chases, chances are that the 1991-platformer Flicky does not come to mind. That is not to...

CO-OP Classics – Venom/Spider-man: Separation Anxiety

There are few rivalries as storied and compelling as that between Spider-Man and his nemesis, the symbiote-powered Venom. So you might be curious as to why these two...

Gunstar Heroes (SEGA Mega Drive) – CO-OP Classics

Run-and-gun shooter classic Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Mega Drive is the story about the heroic Gunstars, a family of gun-wielding mercenaries fighting against an evil...

Streets of Rage (Mega Drive) – CO-OP Classics

Released under the name Bare Knuckle in its home market of Japan, Streets of Rage is one of the best games on the Sega Mega Drive by a long shot and a foundational game...

A Brief History of: The SEGA Mega Drive

SEGA mounted its greatest challenge to Nintendo with the release of the Mega Drive, the console that gave the world Sonic the Hedgehog!

The Top 10 Games of 1986

Few years are as eventful as 1986 was in the world of video games. Thanks largely to Nintendo breathing new life into home consoles

SEGA Console Themes Heading to Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have revealed that a selection of SEGA Console themes will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS this week.

Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive – Game Comparisons

The Super Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive may be entirely different consoles, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t share some of the same titles. The...

Oddities in the Gaming Industry – Aiwa Mega CD

Find out about an odd system created by Aiwa and Sega which happens to be one of Sega's rarest but also unsucessful systems known as the Aiwa Mega CD.

WWE 2K15 remade as a SEGA Mega Drive game [Video]

An exclusive gameplay video/trailer of the SEGA Mega Drive port of the upcoming next-gen WWE game, WWE 2K15!