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The Top 10 SEGA Saturn Games

While some consider Sega’s Saturn a failure, there is a certain charm in the system’s best games that you won’t find on the PlayStation or Nintendo 64

Castlevania: Blood Lines (Mega Drive) – You didn’t buy it!?

When most people think about the Castlevania series on home consoles, thoughts typically turn to the Nintendo Famicom editions, numbered one through three, or for those...

The Top 10 Games of 1994

The year Nintendo proudly proclaimed the “Year of the Cartridge” not only saw the zenith of both the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Super Famicom but also the last...

Game Gear TV Tuner – Sexy Accessory Sunday

Ah, the early 90s. 4 terrestrial channels were what we made do with and if you were lucky, your parents paid for cable TV so you could get Sky One, Nickelodeon, The Box,...

Ecco the Dolphin – Midweek Mega Drive Madness

'You can't judge a book by its cover' was never more apt than when this little fella entered the Sega Mega Drive arena; Ecco the Dolphin ladies and germs!

Desert Strike – Midweek Mega Drive Madness

Get those rockets a-flying in EA's Desert Strike!

The 10 Biggest Gaming Releases in 1985

1985 was a big year for videogames, following the crash of 1983. Some of the titles released during this year spawned series that have gone for generations!

Eternal Champions (Sega Mega Drive) – You didn’t buy it?!

Street Fighter II and, later, Mortal Kombat, kicked off a craze that was perhaps the swansong of the arcade industry in many parts of the world. The arcade fighting game...

Mid-Week Mega Drive Madness – Haunting starring Polterguy

Getting haunted by that bastion of booginess himself, Polterguy!... who?

Sexy Accessory – Visual Memory Unit

What an ugly sounding gaming peripheral. Visual. Memory. Unit. Or VMU as we very quickly grew to know it as. The VMU was Sega’s answer to Sony’s Memory Card...

Friday’s Forgotten Few – Chakan: The Forever Man

Taking a quick look back at the man who has all the time in the world, our friend, Chakan the Forever Man!

Seaman - Sega Dreamcast

Seaman on Sega Dreamcast – WTF Wednesday

Seaman is perhaps one of the most innovative, if indeed bizarre, games to ever land on any console.


The 16-bit era was effectively the reason why we are where we are today in the video game landscape. The ‘war’ which raged between Sega and Nintendo has...

Top 10 Sega Master System Games of All Time

While most North American and Japanese gamers fondly recall Nintendo’s classic gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom, many never experienced...


We’re spoilt today with game collections on one disc which have 20, 30, 50+ games on them. Back in the good old days of the 16-bit generation, we had to make do...

Zombie Revenge (SEGA Dreamcast) – Metacritic, You Got It Wrong!

Inspired by the same muse that birthed Resident Evil, Zombie Revenge for SEGA Dreamcast was a critical failure, panned upon release for having many of the features that...

SEGA Mega Drive – The Essential Collection

Mega Drive, Genesis, Nomad, they’re all the same really. They all play the best of what Sega and its friends were offering back in the early to mid 90s.  It always...


For the uninitiated out there, ALF was a very popular kids TV show in the US. Not the UK, the US. Let’s get this straight, us Brits know crap when we see it, and ALF...