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Gamer Refuses to Loose Umihara Kawase Save Data

A Japanese fan refused to loose his Umihara Kawase game-save and as such opted to leave his console turned on for twenty years.

Console Timeline: The 1990’s

We take a look back on the console timeline to see what was released during the 1990's.

Hidden Gems Vol.1: The Firemen (SNES)

Uncovering one of the most unique titles in the Super Nintendo library, The Firemen.

Retron 5 vs SNES – Clone Console vs Original Hardware – Why Upgrade?

Our user guide pits the Retron 5 vs SNES, examining the core features of the Retron's SNES functionality against the original hardware.

Retron 5 VS Super Retro TRIO | “Which Should I Buy – A Super Retro TRIO or a Retron 5?”

There are some key differences between the two devices, and it's important you consider what exactly you're looking for in a reproduction console - so we consider the...

Super Retro TRIO – Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Retro TRIO plays your original NES, SNES, and Mega Drive carts from all regions – and there are a few interesting things of note that all users of the...

Retron 5 – Frequently Asked Questions

The Retron 5 is really easy to use out of the box and requires little in the way of technical expertise. In terms of regular use, it’s pretty much a case of...

Retron 5 Cartridge Slots – How to Remove Carts Easily

Generally speaking, the Retron 5┬áis a solid and durable piece of retro gaming hardware – however, prior to the console’s UK release, there were anecdotal...

Game Of Thrones The 8 Bit Game: Cutesy And Free To Play!

Season 4 of Game of Thrones is tantalisingly close and we’re desperate to get any sort of GoT fix to tide us over until April 6th. So, what better way to indulge...