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playstation classic ps1 mini console

PlayStation Classic (a PS1 Mini Console) by Sony!

A big announcement dropped overnight - something very few (if anyone!) saw coming. The PlayStation Classic (yes, a PS1 Mini!) console was announced by Sony

A Brief History of: The Sony PlayStation 2

How does a company make a follow-up to the most successful console (at that time) of all time? If you’re Japanese electronics giant Sony, you add a DVD player and the...

The Top 10 Underrated PS2 Games

When it comes to consoles, nothing quite beats the blockbuster success of Sony’s follow up to its PlayStation console, the PlayStation 2. Boasting of one of the...

Here’s what was revealed at the very first E3

The very first E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo – was held way back in 1995 at the LA Convention Centre. Over 50,000 people attended, which is only around...

A Brief History of: The PlayStation 1 (PS1)

The ill-fated agreement between Sony & Nintendo that led to the creation of the incredible, era-defining PlayStation 1 (PS1)

The Top 10 Underrated PS1 Games

Among the greatest consoles of all time, the PlayStation One not only stands out for its awesome library of games but also the sheer size of said archive

A Brief History of: Nintendo 64 (N64)

Without the advent of the PlayStation, there is little doubt that the Nintendo 64 would have been the undisputed king of home consoles for its generation.

The Crow: City of Angels – WTF Wednesday

The Crow: City of Angels - It’s hard to recommend this game to fans of the movie... or people in general!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (PSP) – Metacritic, You Got it Wrong!

While it isn’t the most flawless game, Pirates of the Caribbean is more than fun, enjoyable and will easily suck away hours of your life on the PSP!

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (PSP) – Metacritic, You Got it Wrong!

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects exists as a unique game that came out before the sensation that was the Marvel cinematic universe.

Hotel Mario (CDi) – WTF Wednesday

Philips and Nintendo - This partnership produced a string of some of the worst-regarded Nintendo franchise games of all time. Including Hotel Mario!


23 years since Sony’s legendary PS1 was released to the masses. 23 years of Sniper Fox, Ridge Racer Galaga, and miserable piles of little secrets. It’s been...

The Top 10 Essential Games for the Sony PlayStation (PS1)

The Playstation’s (PS1) release shook the gaming establish unlike any console that had previously come on the scene, and it produced a stable of games that are still...

Metal Gear Solid – The First Modern Gaming Masterpiece?

The year 1998 was an epic one for video gamers across the world – few years before or since have seen the release of so many high-quality titles, many of which...

The PlayStation Portable Quietly Turned 13 this week

Yep – it’s the 13th Anniversary of Sony’s first foray into handheld gaming.   Although it took until September of the next year for it to reach...


8th day. 8. 8 directions on an old school D-Pad. It’s meant to be. The D-Pad is AWESOME. I prefer D-Pad control over analog ANY day of the week. They’ve not...

Shenmue 1 + 2 Combo Pack Coming For PS4 and XB1?

Back to action for Shenmue! Everyone is excited for Shenmue 3 for good reason. The Dreamcast classics are fantastic games in their own right. Much like the Yakuza...

Crash Bandicoot Is Still On The Top Of The UK Sales Chart

Retro Gaming is alive and well Crash Bandicoot is standing tall at the top of UK Sales Chart even after a few weeks. Yes, weeks. It released on June 30th guys, and it is...