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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Levels Beaten Simultaneously

Ever wanted to see all of levels in Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 beaten at the same time? Well now you can!

ocarina of time world record

Watch: Ocarina of Time Beaten In Under 18 Minutes | Funstock.co.uk

How fast do you think you could beat the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Speedrunner Jodenstone did it in under 18 minutes, taking the OoT any% world record last week...

dark souls bongos

Watch: This Guy Beat Dark Souls Using a Pair of Donkey Konga Bongos | Funstock.co.uk

Crazy video - a guy takes on some of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls using a pair of Donkey Konga bongos as his controller.