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Secret Of Mana Gameplay Released!

SO GOOD! So as we established, Square Enix is going full force with remakes. FF 7 and Secret of Mana will grace new generation, and while Secret of Mana isn’t as...

Secret Of Mana Remake Coming Next Year

Now this a remake we can get behind! It looks like the success of Seiken Densetsu Trilogy for the Switch got Square Enix’s attention! The outcry was quite large...

The Whole Cast Of Final Fantasy VII Was Meant To Die?!

[SPOILERS FOR FINAL FANTASY VII IN THIS ARTICLE] Final Fantasy VII is a hallmark classic in the RPG genre. Cloud and his band of buddies are easily identifiable by RPG...

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Official Monopoly Board Game Revealed

The creators of the Monopoly board game have announced a new partnership that will see a Final Fantasy VII variation of the board game released,