10 Games That Should Make A Comeback!

Ever sit down and recall a game you loved as a kid? You know? THAT game. The one that you just could not put down no matter how many times you tried? Or at the behest of your parents and elders telling you to? You know, when you’d shout about just needing another hour, then another, and it just went on and on. That game that you proudly tell everyone that you’ve logged 100 hours into, or the one where you brag to your friends you could whoop their butts at? Maybe even just a game you were particularly fond of, and are curious to see what it would look like if it was made for this generation? Recently there has been quite a big rise in this train of thought. Crowd funding for games that are in the same vein of a game by the same team (Yooka-Laylee and Mighty Number 9 for example). Or even straight up continuations like Shenmue 3 or Psychonauts 2.

Well, I’ve been thinking about a few of these titles for quite some time. Heck, I’ve thought about it enough to have a nice list prepared! Also, this is not a top 10 list, it’s just a general list of some cool titles that haven’t been particularly active in quite some time.

As always, if your personal pick isn’t in here, then don’t hesitate to shout it out down below in the comment box and have a nice discussion about it! Now, let’s have a look at 10 games that should make a comeback!

10. Castlevania Harmony Of Despair.
The Castlevania series has a rich history and an amazing amount of passion put into each game. From the exploits of Simon Belmont on the Super Nintendo classic Super Castlevania IV, to the portable adventure of Soma Cruz in Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance. So when the father of the Casltevania series Koji Igarashi was tasked with making a 6 person multi-player Casltevania game, it was a dream come true for fans of the series. Xbox 360 players and PS3 players were given an experience you couldn’t get anywhere else, calling upon characters from the entire franchise, from Julius Belmont, Alucard, and even 8 Bit Retro Simon Belmont! The idea of going through a game like Castlevania but with 6 of your buddies, grinding away into the wee hours of the night was second to none and one you could not find anywhere else. While Koji is non longer working with Konami and instead one of many who has used the crowd funding format to work on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a spiritual successor to his previous work with the Casltevania series. It would be nice to see Konami take a dive back into this style of Castlevania experience for the new generation consoles.

9. Tony Hawk’s Undergound
Tony Hawk
Oh man. The latest Tony Hawk game was a disaster. So first off, do not let the team who did that one even touch this concept. However, we all know the fun we’ve had with the Tony Hawk series. Remember how the thoughts of being a skater bro clouded our minds and that it was defiantly possible to just pal around with Bam Margera after learning a few kickflips? Yeah, that was the magic of the Undergound series. While nothing could really outdo the first entry, the idea of an openworld Tony Hawk adventure with Next Gen graphics would be just fantastic. Think of the Saints Row levels of customization possible! Who wouldn’t want to skate around a fictional American suburb with a 7 foot tall, 476 pound traditional English gentleman in a fancy suit, minus a pair of trousers, wearing just a pair of heart patterned boxers? The madness is endless!

8. Advance Wars
Advance Wars
With the popularity of the Fire Emblem series and a few other contenders, it would appear that the tactical RPG is making a bit of a comeback.  Not too soon either! Gosh, anyone who owned a Gameboy Advance should of had two titles with them. Advance Wars, and Ninja Five-O. (If you’ve not played that last one, do it. It’s actually really fun.) So it should be a no brainer to bring back the Advance Wars series to handhelds like the New 3DS XL right? Well, it would appear Nintendo need a bit more of a nudge to get the message. (Same people who only just got around to doing the whole Virtual Console thing with Earthbound. Massive props by the way guys.) With stupidly fun tactics based gameplay involving tanks, foot soldiers, area based strategy, and much more! You’d have to be crazy to not want to see another game in this series make a return.

7. Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs
Oh Sleeping Dogs. Why are you resting? Sure it’s in the title. But gosh, the adventure to get this game made was a crazy turn of events. At one point, it was going to be a True Crime game! True Crime : Hong Kong. However that was canned, and the gaming world shed a collective tear for what could have been a great tribute to classic Asian cinema and culture. Thankfully somebody regained their senses and the open world adventure game that took design inspirations from classics like Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun-Fat, was back on track and released to the word to experience the top end gameplay. However, one would expect the team to be tasked with creating a follow up that would be even better than the last? Like any standard Open World game anyway. Well… no, instead the world was given some sort of odd MMO with the existing engine and nowhere near the character of the proper game released. So, get back on track guys! Let’s have a more expansive Hong Kong experience that’ll knock our socks off!

6. Zombies Ate My Neighbours
So ZAMN and Ghoul Patrol. What games, right? Seriously, fantastic run and gun classics. What needs to happen is simply this. A new Zombies At My Neighbours… but in the palm of your hand! No, not a mobile game. Goodness no. I’m talking 3DS or even Vita. Think about having another run with this game, but with a studio like WayForward behind the wheel? That would just be AMAZING! Like seriously, take everything that good about the first game, don’t change much, no 3D, no ‘reboooting’, same gameplay, general story, but cranked up to 11. Spritework with insane levels of oomph, and gameplay that takes you through some awesome horror elements, with updated references and everything. There are so many ways to do a new Zombies Ate My Neigbours game, and doing it now would be cashing in on the Zombies craze at just the right time.

5.Time Splitters

In case anyone isn’t aware, I just want to say that a new Time Splitters is kind of happening already. It’s basically a fan project with some of the old team even. Timesplitters Rewind, keep an eye on it. However, despite how hyped I am for that project. A properly funded Timesplitters game with the current gen would be bonkers. If you got the old team a proper budget and a bigger team, and let them get to work, then the possibilities would be endless. For some reason I see some sort of hyper stylized mix of Bioshock and Dishonoured type of game coming out of it. Regardless, we all remember how crazy and fun the Time Splitters series is. There isn’t a need for much explanation for this one, it’s simply needs to come back. Sooner rather than later as well.

4. Jet Set Radio
Jet Set

Understand, Understand the concept of love! Regardless of if you know it as Jet Set, Jet Grind, we all remember the feeling of grinding on rails, spray painting walls, and causing crazy panic in the streets as we jammed to some sweet tuns in the Jet Set series. But it’s been surprisingly dormant for some reason, it’s not like there isn’t a place for it! Re-releases galore, even on the Vita! But the idea of seeing Beat skating around, and the colours of Tokyo-to brought to life in high definition and experienced on a 4K television are the stuff of dreams. There are plenty of chances to have awesome music collaborations as well! Anamanguchi anyone?! SEGA, give it a thought.

3. Legacy Of Kain
The Legacy of Kain series has had quite the history, some development ups and downs, and some serious cult love. I remember playing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on my Playstation and just walking around as Raziel for hours. (I was like 7.) It was such a fluid game, and a blast to play. As I got into my teenage years, I replayed them and just fell in love with the lore built into everything all over again. Giving the series a revisit with a near enough Batman Arkham style of love and care would just be a dream come true. Take the gothic design elements from the previous games, increase the scope ten fold, and you have an adventure game that will captivate a new generation for sure.

2. Tenchu

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins was my first proper introduction to the Stealth genre. (Sorry Snake.) What an introduction it was as well. Grapple hocks, neck slices in the shadows, Tenchu had it all. I even stuck around with the series all the way up to Tenchu Z! There have been a few like it, but to step in the role of Rikimaru one more time is the absolute dream for myself, and I’m sure, many others! Assassinating Tokyo big wigs in the dead of night, with a crazy campaign attached to it? Yes please. The possibilities are endless as well, multi-player, character customization, time trails, everything! Think Metal Gear Solid 5, but with ninjas. What’s not to love there?

1. No More Heroes!
What a game. No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 had the best character in a video game I’ve played in quite some time. Every time you’d fight a boss, you’d be at a loss for words. Did that dude just fire a lazer from his…? Why did he just turn into a giant robot? Why on earth are we motorcyling down the road toward the sunset?! All of this was done using the Wii! You don’t expect this sort of game to be on Wii! But it was, and man did it fit! Slashing through waves of goons with a lightsaber like weapon as a Johnny Knoxville look a like does not seem like an idea that would work on paper, however when you play No More Heroes, it just does. However, there has to be more! The adventures of Travis just can’t end yet. There are so many weird and wacky adventures to get into! Suda51, one last entry with this series! Pretty please?

Right guys, that was a few of the games that I think deserve to have a look into again! Some classics that should make their triumphant return better than ever! What do you think? What classics do you want to come back and grace the public?

This has been an article by Dennis Montoya, for FunstockRetro.co.uk! The number ONE for Retro Gaming in all of Europe!

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