Ten Rare Retro Games You Can Play on your Handheld Android Console

With Android Consoles, such as the JXD, BLAZE TAB and GPD XD, each of which are available to order at www.funstockretro.co.uk, proving popular amongst retro fans and collectors alike we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the rarest games you can play on these devices without having to spend a fortune trying to obtain them.

There is no particular order to these list of games but each one can be played on Android based handheld tablets.

Gamma Attack (Atari 2600):


Possibly the rarest game in existence is non other than Gamma Attack; a title which only received a single copy by Gammation for the Atari 2600. The Game itself saw players attempt to shoot down a spaceship will trying to obtain a highscore. Interestingly enough the game also had an alternate mode whereby players could control the spaceship and attack the turrets on the floor.

Stadium Events (NES):


Despite its ‘standard’ title Stadium Events is a unique game produced by the Nintendo Entertainment System by Bandai in 1987. The game could be played either by using a controller or a mat, similar to those Dancing Matts released onto the PS1 and PS2 many years later, that saw players run and jump on the mat in order to move. Only 200 units were sold before Nintendo purchased the rights to the game, and re-released it as World Class Track and Meet, and only 20 of those are considered complete.

1990 Nintendo World Championships (NES):


Considered one of the rarest games of all time The 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridge was never actually sold but it was available to public. The Nintendo World Championship saw 30 cities across the US host a tournament to find the best NES player in the country and each city had at least one cartirdge available for players to attempt the challenge. The cartridge itself saw various games, such as Super Mario Bros, Tetris and Rad Racer, clipped together into a unique six minute challenge with the objective of clearing the cartridge in the fastest possible time. The winners of the tournament received a gold cartridge of the same game, of which only 26 were produced, while the standard grey cartridge, which was used for the events, only had 90 produced.

Air Raid (Atari 2600):


It’s always the obscure, or painfully bland, titles that become the rarest games and with Air Raid its no exception; but mostly because of how it was released. Some say it was the only game released by Menavision (or Menovision) while other say it was released by another company; furthermore despite known as Air Raid there was no indication of the games title on the cartridge itself. Speaking of the cartridge unlike traditional Atari games at the time it was styled differently with a handle at the top. The game itself plays like your traditional space-invaders-styled shooter; except this time you are shooting down other planes chagring towards you as opposed to aliens.

Nintendo Campus Challenge (NES):


Similiar to the previously released Nintendo World Championship game this particular cartridge the 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge saw Super Mario Bros 3, PinBot and Dr. Mario recoded into a single game with the objective of gaining the highest score. If you’ve played NES Remix on the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS then its the similar type of gameplay, just 24 years older. Just like with the Nintendo World Championships only a limited number of cartridges were available to the public and non were given away or sold; however a single Nintendo employee did keep his and then later re-sold it for a high value. In recent times a ROM has been made available; but even now both the ROM and original cartirdge are scarce.

Atlantis II (Atari 2600):


Despite being a sequel (of sorts) to a relatively popular Atari 2600 game Atlantis II was never mass produced and as a result only a handful of copies exist in physical form. The reason for this is because the developers only sent out copies to those who sent in proof of their highscores; and if it was deemed acceptable they would have been sent Atlantis II. Atlantis II, much like its previous game in the series, played similar to Missile Command whereby players would shoot down incoming targets in order to defend the location; the difference to the previous game however was that targets moved at a faster rate but offered a lower amount of points, thus showing who the better Atlantis player was.

Red Sea Crossing (Atari 2600):


Dubbed the rarest Atari 2600 game on the platform Red Sea Crossing only received 100 copies at retail when it released in 1983 and since then copies of the game have hardly been seen on auction sites. What’s also interesting about this title is that it could only have been purchased through mail order, at the time of its release, and no-one rediscovered it until 2007 – 14 years after its inital release date. As with all these titles in the list a ROM does exist and can be played on Android gaming consoles and it’s a game which sees players side-scrolling across the screen avoiding enemies.

Kizuna Encounter (NEO GEO):


Depending on where you live Kizuna Encounter can be considered an extremely rare Neo Geo title or just another Neo Geo fighting game; as while Japanese copies of the game was, at one point, easily accessible the European/American version of the game is much to be desired by collectors. It’s unknown how many versions of the game were produced at the time but around ten have only ever been accounted for. Ironically though both versions of the game are identical; its just the cartirdge thats different. Of course if you plan on playing this on your Android Gaming device then this won’t matter – as it is easily available – but the game itself is 2D Arcade style fighting game similar to that of Street Fighter and King of Fighters.

Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II (Genesis):

Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II logo

Attempting not to be outdone by Nintendo SEGA, along with Blockbuster, created their own form of videogame championship tournament in the form of World Video Game Championships II for the SEGA Genesis platform. Only two legitimate copies of the game exist and it sees players attempting to obtain the highest score possible while playing through selected segments of NBA Jam Tournament Edition and Judge Dredd within a strict time limit.

Ultimate II (Neo Geo):


Ultimate II, Otherwise known as Super Sidekicks 4, was the final game in the Super Sidebacks franchise and despite being a relatively popular football series at the time Ultimate II became rare because of the limited amount of copies that were produced for the game; with only ten copies being known to exist at this point of time. Ultimate II is a football game and plays just like other Super Sidekick games in the franchise but this time with a slightly updated rosta of players and teams.


Birthday Mania (Atari 2600):


Released onto the Atari 2600 by the Personal Games Company this particular game is so rare that a playable ROM currently does not exist but over the years fans have attempted to recreate what it offered. The game itself would load with a “Happy Birthday” message before jumping into a space invaders styled shooter with the objective being to shoot down all of the candles that appear on screen (which would translate into blowing the candles out).

What makes this game so interesting, despite the fact that no ROM’s exist for it, is that total only ten cartridges were sold and each cartridge was coded specifically for the person who would be receiving the game, in my case “Happy Birthday Scott”. Furthermore the case, and the cassette tape itself, even had empty markings so that parents, or gift buyers, could write the name of the person they were giving it to.


There is lots of extremely rare titles available and while the original cartridges, or arcade cabinets, may be hard to come by the availability of roms means that these classic gems won’t be lost on us forever. The JXD, BLAZETAB and GPD XD – all of which are capable of playing these games – are available to order from store; and as you may be aware they do a lot more than just play games as they can be used as entertainment and media devices as well.

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