The Best Gaming Atmosphere?

Playing games can be fun. But what makes it even more fun? Well a lot of things but one thing in particular that sticks out for me is the surrounding environment which helps to create a good (or bad) gaming atmosphere.

If I was to be asked how I would like to be playing my games, I’d probably respond with something maybe not everyone would agree on. In my opinion the best time to play a game is when your sitting there in a small room on a nice comfy bed or chair (maybe even a gaming chair) with all your favourite drinks and snacks right beside you, free to have at any time you want while you can hear rain pelting off the window and there’s a nice cool temperature to the room with all your many gaming consoles in sight in many connected shelves around your TV, shelves either side of you stacked with games upon games and only a dim light to illuminate the room.

That’s just my opinion anyway. I Man Cave 2suppose it also depends what your playing and how engaged you are in whatever game your playing. What I just described is the kind of atmosphere I imagine that goes with playing a long lasting Mega Drive game but that’s probably just because I used to play on my Mega Drive in a similar environment. Nevertheless I wouldn’t complain playing any other game in said environment, unless your playing multiplayer with others in the room… in that case it probably wouldn’t work.

There’s many other environments I wouldn’t mind extensive gaming sessions in or any type of gaming session for that matter. Ever heard of a man cave? If not then look up what they are immediately and prepare to be amazed. Now not all man caves have to have a gaming setup in them but in the example I’ve seen they have at least one modern gaming console in it. Should I ever own a man cave of my own I am going to ‘retrofy’ it immediately. Now although what I described is my ideal gaming room it does not compare to a man cave, as a man cave has a lot of open space and good lighting, I still wouldn’t mind gaming in one of these magnificent rooms for the one and only reason that they are truly amazing. Not to mention they seem ideal for multiplayer gaming, they definitely have enough space for it I’ll tell you that!

Man Cave 3


It’s a shame I don’t have my desired gaming set up but things can change I suppose? So what do you think the best gaming atmosphere is? What’s your gaming setup like? You might just learn a thing or two on how to improve your gaming experience.