The Best Presidents In Video Games

Welp. Donald Trump became president. Regardless of your own personal views, it’s another day in history for the world. Some people are happy, others not so happy. But let’s not focus on real life political opinions right now. Instead let us turn our attention towards the fictional rule of Presidents in video games.

Don’t discount your actual presidents though America! Did you know Theodore Roosevelt was shot before he was about to give a speech, his lengthy and solid manuscript of notes dampening the bullets impact, and he simply pushed through the pain and finished his speech. If you lot get the chance, read into some of your leaders as they have done some rather impressive things in the past.

Let’s do this thing!

There have been a number of leading men and ladies in the video game landscape, and some have been pretty awful and sometimes are the reason for the game you are playing in the first place, whereas some are pretty damn awesome. Like the President in the popular film Independence day, America often finds themselves wishing their President was as cool as some of these fictional representations.

Given everything that has happened today, let us take a step back and look at those fictional leaders that could easily serve as a prime candidate in the United States office. This is the Best Presidents In Video Games.


JK Mother F***ing Simmons everyone. Yes, the very same actor who played the amazing and on point version of J Jonah Jameson in the Spiderman movies. He is the man behind the amazing President Ackerman of Red Alert 3. A man who is as red blooded as you can possibly be. The pure definition of ‘Murican. His ad campaigns were some of the greatest pieces of advertisement ever made for a video game. Don’t believe me? Check out Ackerman and his stance on Health Care.

The Red Alert series is known for maintaining a wonderful character basis that are often overlooked, and at the time of the release of Red Aleter 3. Ackerman was a very topical reference, which given the light of recent events, some might argue his take on a fictional president lines up more with the newly appointed front man we have right now.

The best part is just how over the top Ackerman is. Thanks in part to Simmons of course. Screw ‘Em All is the solgan at the end of the video and it is glorious. A no nonsense American bad ass. Long live President Ackerman.


Memes my dudes. From cringe worth ones like Harambe and Space Jam to obscure ones dealing with Nihilist themes and if you can smoke Anime or not. They make the internet go round and are often a way of coping with more serious issues, some of the more recent political moments being turned into perfect little memes to relax the nervous dealings of this year and it’s election. Classic meme of being a ‘bad dude’ is thanks in part to good ol president Ronnie. If you haven’t gathered it already, that’s supposed to be the one and only Ronald Reagan.

Bad Dudes VS DragonNinja is an old arcade game made in Japan and is as stereotypical as you can get really. From the fact that the term ‘Bad Dude’ is being used unironcically, to the whole ending where Ronnie treats you to a burger in reward for saving him from certain doom. But there is something to be admired there actually, the idea of a stupidly chill President who isn’t at all concerned with the fact that he had to be rescued by a bunch of young kids and just treats them to some good ol’ burger time.

The real bad dude here was Mr. Ronnie.


Destroy All Humans is getting some new love as it’s been announced the game will hit the PS4 side of the gaming landscape. So in timing with this announcement, we’ll focus our light onto President Huffman. The shadow man behind what is basically the illuminati of world. Well, the mouth piece anyway. Covering up all the details and show dealings of the Anti-Alien organization known as Majestic.

The reason Huffman is on here is because of just how over the top his character is and honestly seems like something that would happen now a days. After the US is pretty much defeated and our hero Cryto is ready to take control and bring Majestic to justice for their ways… what happens? You encounter Robot Huffman. Majestic ended up storring Huffman and his brain to use in a giant Robot.

The god damn RoboPrez. Huffman and his brain are used to pilot a gigantic robot called the RoboPrez to defeat a small little alien. I love video games so much for this stuff. Thank you Huffman, you were a terrible person, but an amazing boss battle.


Saints Row is actually about as American as you can get really. The game series that started as modest GTA clone with it’s own level of character just decided to crank the dial up to 11, suddenly having you battle giant cans of soft drinks and fighting battles in space in the buff using a giant mech. It’s pretty much the video game you’d make if you handed it to the average joe.

The Boss is the avatar the player gets to use for their Saints Row adventure. Brash, straight forward, and a bit of a dick. Either powered by the voice of Nolan North, A Cockney, or a Zombie. This is pretty much the main character you have if you decided to just say ‘To hell with it’ when it came to every problem like, ever.

For that reason, this one of the best presidents ever. As you find yourself having to battle a space alien with your own two hands and go on a wacky adventure with super powers and much more. There’s an entire list I can do on why the The Boss is the one of the best presidents ever, but the fact that you can punch people in the dick as a melee move is more than enough for me.


Not a president. No no. More of an honourable mention, as we’re nearly done now. But to hell if he’s just a mayor! He’s Mike god damn Haggar and he’ll stop his political activities, grab the nearest pipe and take care of business. The fact that he’s a playable character and not just a part of the intro scene to let us know about his kidnapped daughter is fantastic! Mike Haggar probably wouldn’t be allowed to be president as nobody in the world would want him to stop.

From Pro-Wrestler, to Mayor. Mike Haggar will suplex you in and out of existence, only to suplex you 100 times over. He’s a shining example of a political figure in video games and is easily one of the best candiates to be the president of… well, anywhere. He’s Mike Haggar, he can do whatever he wants.

We’re ending out the list with the best damn president of all time. Max. Yes, THAT Max. I’m not going to start listing a million and one ways he is one of the best fictional presidents ever, but rather just leave you with this little video…

Consider me a proud voter of Max! What about you?

That’s our list! Did your pick make the list? If not let us know in the comment section and we might throw them in for an updated version. Given the recent election results, we want to wish our American friends all the well wishes in the world. This year has been world changing and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. No matter what happens in our lives, lets keep our heads held high and enjoy Video Games. No matter what happens in the world, they can’t take away our love of gaming!


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