The Director Of Deadpool Is Working On A Sonic Movie!

Tim Miller is the guy responsible for directing Fox’s Deadpool. A movie that almost didn’t get made as Fox thought it wouldn’t end up making any money in the end, yet went on to be one of their most popular films and oddly enough, most true to the comic adaptations they’ve done so far. Granted, he’s dropped out of the sequel due to a few creative differences… however that seems to have opened up the door for a new project. What would that project be exactly? With the recent resurgence of popular 90’s franchises, it’s come as no surprise that SEGA’s own… Sonic The Hedgehog will be getting the Hollywood love!

Power Rangers is a recent example of a popular old school series making it back into the modern era.

Tim confirmed that he won’t be in the directors chair for this little adventure however. No, that honour would go to Jeff Fowler, the director and co-founder Blur Studios. A studio responsible for the CGI and effects of popular video game and movie releases of recent year. Jeff and his team were actually responsible for a great deal of the Deadpool movie and it’s special effects. So it would seem that Tim is keeping his friends quite close.

In terms of a direction for the Sonic Project. Tim has confirmed that it’ll be a ‘Hybrid CG – Animated/Live-Action Family Film.’ Which sounds like a safe thing on paper, but Sonic and Live Action have an odd history. Heck, branching away from the anthromporphic world of Mobius seems to have… mixed results. Bringing the whole human element into Sonic 2006 caused quite the bad reception for fans of the Blue Blur. However on the opposite side, plenty of Live Action fan films have been made to various degrees of success before!

Blue Core Studios – Sonic Fan Film did quite well in terms of meshing live action and the Sonic universe.

When asked about the project and how he thinks his friend Jeff will do with the project, Tim Miller had the following to say…

“Jeff is an incredible director with strong story instincts. The world of Sonic presents the perfect opportunity for him to leverage his experience in animation to bring new dimension to this iconic character.”

In better question about this project is just what sort of plan they will be following with the Sonic project. There is a plethora of Sonic The Hedgehog games, movies and even animated TV shows that you could use as a base of insperation. The issue is that what source material you choose and direction is taken could be a completely different way of Sonic than one might expect. Sonic The Animated Series is not exactly the same as Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast. But regardless, if Tim and is previous work is anything to go off, then the series should be in safe hands with him nearby.


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