11 was always going to be about football. But then I did a two piece article about football games I played over my life, and also an article about the greatest football game of all time, Sensible World of Soccer ’96 – ’97 What else is there for me to write about on this, the 11th day of our celebration of Father Christmas?

I considered writing something about the worst football games ever. So easy to shit all over Three Lions, Chris Kamara Street Soccer, or any of the yearly releases that gamers are blighted with these days. What does that do for anyone though? It’s easy to take these pot-shots and we all know where the quality lies and where it doesn’t.

To be fair, it really was crap

I thought about writing something on the more cartoony games out there, like Fever Pitch Soccer and it’s crazy gimmicked players. Include Mario Strikers Charged and Sega Soccer Slam for good measure and an article is born! I just wasn’t passionate about the idea though, it felt too simple.

Only Mario could get away with this carnage and still pull off a cracking footy game

So instead I thought; why not just celebrate the fact we have these sports games at all?? Sure I crap all over the modern day FIFAs and Pro Evos, and lament endlessly about how amazing Sensible World of Soccer ’96 – ’97 is, but there’ll be people out there who have the total opposite opinion and don’t want to play games from the past, happy with the souped up power of the modern day offerings. Take it! If it makes you happy at Christmas when you unwrap FIFA ’18, all the power to you and I hope you do get the most of all joys from kicking ass online. If games hadn’t become as popular as they did in the 90s, and if technology had never developed to the point it is, there’d be no market for this kind of thing. As it is, it did, and there is. And we’ll continue to buy the yearly releases, simply because we all love the dream of playing for our favourite teams, albeit in a virtual fashion.

Remember the heroes who put aside all differences

Have a good Christmas, enjoying whatever balls are thrown your way! x

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