Yes… I missed the last few days of the Funstock Advent Calendar. I had man-flu and was constantly sat wrapped up in a blanket through shivering so much. So I delayed, and was absent, and had a falling out with my PC, and it got me thinking about games that got delayed… and were absent… and had fallings out with expectant fan-bases who stuck with them for literally years.

The pain is real ladies

Interestingly enough, delays weren’t that significant back in the 80s and 90s. We didn’t hear much about them and if they did happen, it’d be a few weeks, maybe a month or so. Today, we have situations like The Last Guardian, the spiritual sequel to one of my own personal top 10 games, Shadow of the Colossus. This little bugger took nearly 10 years from it’s initial development to actual release following changes of platform choice, staff changes, and the inevitable, “Not until we’re happy with the finished product”. Thankfully, the wait was worth it! SIE Japan put out a stellar effort, and all anger from the established fan-base was soon put to rest.

9 YEARS!!!

There was Mother 3 mind you, a title that was announced as a sequel for the 1994 SNES classic Earthbound, which was originally planned for the SNES. Then the N64… N64 DD… and finally got released on Gameboy Advance. In 2006! Us English speakers never even got the release either! Japan only!! What a jip!

12 YEARS!!!!!

And then, there’s Duke Nukem Forever… will any future game ever be able to overshadow the farce which was the never-ending stream of delays that plagued this long-wanted sequel? It was an absolute joke. We waited for 15 years for what began to feel like the coming of the next Messiah, and let’s be honest, it reached a point where it was never going to meet expectations. I actually enjoyed the game, but as an above average run-of-the-mill FPS. It has some good ideas, but was it worth the wait?

15 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… hang on a sec…

Catch me wondering where the hell Beyond Good and Evil 2 is @auto2112