The 16-bit era was effectively the reason why we are where we are today in the video game landscape. The ‘war’ which raged between Sega and Nintendo has never been rivalled for intensity and undermining. The big 2 of the time really went for it. Ad campaigns were used which slighted eachother’s product, there were in-game digs at each-other, and Sega would big up the violence in their games where Nintendo had cut it from theirs.


It’s not like today where you’ll get a near identical version of the same game on both the Xbox One and the PS4. Back then, there were usually little details here and there which varied between the two rival consoles, and it was awesome to catch those differences. It might have been a difference in colours, or an audio track that had changed between the two versions. Violence was always the big one though. Sega would sport the good ol’ red claret flying around the screen whilst Nintendo would change it to green or omit it altogether. It was probably the beginning of the whole ‘Nintendo = kiddy’ moniker that has sadly never left them.

Slight, but still noticeable to the trained eye

Whilst Sega did have the ‘adult’ versions of certain games, Nintendo had the better exclusives by far. I don’t care what anyone says, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 will never be held in the same high esteem that Super Mario World is.*  Beyond Oasis couldn’t touch A Link to the Past. There was nothing like Super Metroid on the Mega Drive!

True war

I am proud to admit I was a gaming militant during the great war of the early 90s, and considering the gaming landscapes over the next 25 years which followed, I think it’s safe to say that to some extent, BOTH of the big 2 won that battle gloriously!

To those who survived the great war of the early 90s

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