It’s amazing to think there’s still a development team out there that’s not one of the main big players, and it’s managed to survive for nearly 30 years in this harsh video game landscape. I give you the Yorkshire based kings of the lumbricus terrestris, Team 17. Most famous for their Worms series, they also have a healthy backlog of games in their history such as the Army Men series, Body Blows, and of course the almighty Alien Breed. They also have a publishing side to their business, with the likes of The Escapists, Yooka-Laylee, and Beyond Eyes forming part of their repertoire. It’s the hidden classics that I’ll remember them most fondly for though.

I remember being SO hyped for Body Blows when it was first released

Qwak. What a great looking Amiga game this was for a 1993 release. Looking like a mix of Rainbow Islands and Spelunky, the game featured you as Qwak the duck who has to work his way through 80 levels of platforming mayhem, collecting keys, gems, and fruit on the way. A simple enough premise, but a well made title which provides good fun for a couple of hours on your first playthrough.

Better than Howard, that’s for sure

I LOVED Arcade Pool, and remember thinking it was the best pool game I would ever play and until the likes of Jimmy White’s Cueball and Virtual Pool came along, it was. A simple over-head view of the table, an intuitive power, aiming, and English system all combined for a fun game which really did feel like an arcade version of that bar-room classic.

Lastly, there’s no way I could talk about Team 17 and not discuss the classic Superfrog. The Lucozade loving caped crusader starred in what has now become a bit of a cult classic. A very fast game not too dissimilar to a certain blue hedgehog, Superfrog had it all; a cape which allowed him to float. A green ball he could throw at enemies. And a seemingly unlimited supply of Lucozade which gave him nothing but pure unadulterated health. The advertising was strong in this one. Seriously though, Superfrog is an absolute classic and is to the Amiga what Sonic and Mario are to Sega and Nintendo respectively; the best platforming star on their native game system.

Who drinks original Lucozade, honestly???

It’s a shame that Team 17 went all in on the Worms series because they potentially could have provided us with so much more over the past 2 decades. Worms can only hold ones attention for so long and after 26 games featuring the little pink freaks, it’d be nice to see Team 17’s creativity shine in some other new IPs. Still, an awesome developer with a lot of hits to check out if you haven’t already!

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