18 rated games! Gotta love a good ol’ violent game, or a title with offensive language. Nudity doesn’t do it for me in video games though there’s certainly a market out there for that certain type of gamer. I like gore, and plenty of it. There haven’t been many 18+ rated games over the years though, with developers beside Rockstar opting to play it safe for fear of a lack of sales. They can often be some of the best games we’ll ever play though.

Doom was only rated a 15, insanity

Rockstar Games are generally the main developer that comes to mind when people discuss offensive games. Whether it is sex, violence, offensive language, racism, sexism, you name it, it’s probably in one of their games. The Grand Theft Auto series will be top of most fans list, though Red Dead Redemption, The Warriors, the Manhunt pair, and Max Payne 3 are all R* developed titles which they managed to get a nice fat 18 rated sticker slapped onto.

I’d love to tell you he’s just helping him with an itchy eye

Thrill Kill was a whole different ball-game back on PS1. So violently over-the-top, the game was never even released back in 1998 when the whole furore around it’s content was really doing the rounds. Insane asylum victims who are now fighting it out in hell to be reincarnated, the premise alone is pretty hardcore. Factor in the kills that are carried out in the game and back in 1998, it is easy to see how it would have been considered too violent for public consumption. It’s no Mortal Kombat X, but we’re talking a two decade gap here people; a lot has changed.

Trust me, 20 years ago this was horrific

Probably one of the more surprising entries in the 18+ list, would be that little biking title BMX XXX. What on the surface looked like a straight up BMXing gig eventually turned out to be some weird amalgamation of strippers, tits, and a bit of biking thrown into the mix. Developing a biking game which was feeling lacklustre, Z-Axis decided to spice it up by giving the title an injection of filth, and it courted major controversy as a result. The game was shit anyway.

I’m sure SOMEONE could get their rocks off to this…

So 18 rated games! More of a thing of the past now as our society has become extremely de-sensitised (though you wouldn’t know that with all of the SJWs roaming around), I did always enjoy an older title. It felt more serious and as a young teenager, I felt I was more of a MAN because I was playing naughty games. I turned out alright though, I’M NO MASS MURDERER!!!