Let’s celebrate Christmas with our own little advent calendar, with a little nod to the things we all know and love about retro gaming!

Sadly, I couldn’t find a Thrill Kill calendar

To start off with our 1st day of Christmas it only seems apt to celebrate the tried and trusted ONE-PLAYER MODE. Whilst it has been pushed aside in recent years with the success of online multi-player gaming such as MMORPGs, MOBAs, and of course the immensely popular FPS genre, there are still those out there who enjoy nothing more than to settle into their favourite armchair, with a roaring fire by their side, and a cup of steaming hot egg-nog to accompany them as they begin their journey into the world of Evermore. Or Yoshi’s Island. Or Filgaia. Planet Graveyard. New York City. Yuria. Anywhere you want to lose yourself in.

That’s a one-player game.

There’s plenty of current-gen single-player games doing the rounds for the big consoles right now, but if it’s retro gaming you’re all about you won’t go wrong with the myriad of Japanese RPGs available across all the old-school platforms. Talking of ‘platforms’, platform games have never been so good as they were back in the early 90s so there’s plenty on the Mega Drive, SNES, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, N64, and the Amiga for you to get stuck into. It could even be sports games you’re into. ALL sports games have one-player modes for those who want to avoid the vitriolic evil that can populate the online servers of todays next-gen consoles.

So was this

At this time of year when some people find themselves a little lonesome due to a lack of family and friends, please, find solace in the fact there are many far-out worlds for you to lose yourself in. Forget the idea of needing someone there to guide you along the way and have faith in yourself. Whether you find yourself unwrapping the new Call of Duty: WWII, or dusting off the ol’ Greendog cartridge, enjoy the pleasure of romping through an adventure without the interruption of your friends or strangers.

You sometimes wished this wasn’t a single player game

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