21 is the magic number for Nintendo’s latest stocking filler, the Super Nintendo Mini Classic. It comes with 21 of Nintendo’s finest titles which I could go into, but you know them. You’ve probably bought it already or are getting it for Chrimbo. Being my personal favourite console of all time, this was always going to end up in my front room ready to start playing at any moment’s notice and hopefully, encourage my two young sons to take up the classics once they’re a little older. There’s nothing for them in the modern day gaming scene, yesteryear is where it’s at.

But what was missing? Nintendo could have easily squeezed a good load more titles on to the machine, what else was worthy enough to appear? Licences would always be an issue, as could be censorship issues, and of course Nintendo’s outright fucked up bonkers decision making. Here’s what should have appeared, had it been a wonderful world.

Super Tennis – Blows my mind that this didn’t end up on the Mini, best tennis game ever

TMNT IV: Turtles in Time – Likely to be licence issues which would have stopped this happening

Chrono Trigger – Probably the biggest shock exclusion, maybe Nintendo and Square Enix have something up their sleeves

Pilotwings – This is ICONIC, and got left out whilst Kirby’s Dream Course got the nod??

Harvest Moon – The longevity would have also been a great addition to the system!

I’ve also found there’s a hell of a lot of over-rated games that everyone seems to want on there but shouldn’t be. Games that are more niche titles that wouldn’t hold well with a mass market, or just nostalgic, rose-tinted glasses bullshit.

Axelay – Such a vastly over-rated game, there’s far better shoot-em-ups for the system and this offered very little at 6 levels long.

Actraiser – A shoddy god-sim with a very slow platformer element. I’ve never understood the fuss.

Star Wars series – These were overly difficult games that don’t promote the platform genre very well. Some great touches, but definitely not as good as the licence behind them.

NBA Jam – I’ve NEVER understood the attraction to these games. 2 on 2 basketball, what did they think this was, White Men Can’t Jump?

Super Soccer – I’m just so glad we didn’t get this, whilst the poor Japanese had to suffer for their sins!

There’s even better games out there such as The Firemen, E.V.O., Sensible Soccer (of course), U.N. Squadron, and countless others that didn’t see inclusion but let’s face it; the 21 on offer are a stellar selection and Nintendo were never going to please everyone without overdoing the selection and ensuring it no longer felt a special selection.

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