Ducks have always felt a bit like the odd one out. Never the lead role when there’s other animals around, rarely the first choice of a family roast dinner, and seldom eaten as a main course when ordered from the Chinese takeaway. Nice pancakes though.

Ducks. Everywhere.

There have been some special mallards in video games though, from Donald Duck to Scrooge, from the Duck Hunt victims to Qwak, they all stand out… but so hard to find a good PAIR. And I was struggling, really struggling as I really wanted to nail down a couple of birds, and then my wife turns to me and says:

Wife: Hey, how about Animal Crossing?

Me: Nooooo, way too many ducks in that.

Wife: No, the ones who run the post office.

It’s times like this I remember why I married this woman.

Oooooh baby.

Pelly and Phyllis are the sisters who run your local post office, and as sweet a world as Animal Crossing is set in, these sisters sadly aren’t a pair of angels. Pelly, she’s wonderful! A true vision of happiness and optimism, she’s always ready to greet you with a beaming smile and a lovely audio jingle accompanies her greeting. It’s happy times when you get to see Pelly during the daytime.

It’s Pelly, the duck!!!

And then night-time kicks in. And Phyllis arrives for her shift. Man, she couldn’t be any different to Pelly. Miserable, negative, muttering crap about you under her breath right in front of you, she’s an arsehole. She’ll still carry out the job at hand with aplomb however, and it’s a small price to pay to have your presents and items sent away to neighbouring towns.

And Phyllis, the other duck!… hang on a sec…

They’re a memorable pair who have stood the test of time in the Animal Crossing series, and remain their even today. May we see their yin and yang selves continue for many more sequels to come!

You know what the clincher is for this article? I just reached the end and realised this pair of babes are actually pelicans and not ducks. Well that’s ducked that right up.


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