It’s finally Christmas Eve, and in 24 hours you’ll be enjoying your new pairs of socks, Cadbury’s selection packs, and all the video games you asked mumsy and dad for! Those 24 hours may feel long, but at least they were usually a lot quicker in your favourite video games. Night would turn to day, light to dark, sometimes it would take 10 real-life minutes, sometimes it was all dependant on when you were actually playing.

World of Warcraft is all relative to where you are in the world and at what time you’re playing. You get on there at 8pm, and you may catch a sunset in the summer, it could be pitch black if it’s the winter! It’s always a great feeling to get a few hours of WoW under your belt, and get to experience the day changing around you. Animal Crossing follows a same style, but it plays a lot more into the game, with certain events, people, and animals appearing depending on what time of day you’re playing.

Games like Breath of Fire II on the other, crikey! Blink and you could miss the sun doing it’s daily thing! If you’re on that map screen trundling around to your next location, the time seriously flies by. Majora’s Mask feels like a very slow day / night sequence, but the whole 3 in-game days take less than a hour to power through before you’re having to reset that timer again.

And then you have the beautiful days… Red Dead Redemption. I seriously feel like this has one of the absolute best day / night cycles, and sometimes the sunsets are just gorgeous. You’ll sometimes be in such awe of the sights you’re seeing as the day passes you by that you’re likely to stop what you’re doing whilst riding round in the desert to take in the view. Rockstar nailed the length of time for the days passing too, so it never feels too rushed or drawn out. GTA5 is just as good at doing this, but Redemption did it first and it stuck with me all these years.

Time flies. Every year is getting shorter. One day our time on this planet will come to an end. Until then, keep enjoying those sunsets, be careful at night, and curse Tom Nook for not staying open later!!!

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