We’re spoilt today with game collections on one disc which have 20, 30, 50+ games on them. Back in the good old days of the 16-bit generation, we had to make do with cartridges that packed in between 2 – 8 games, and 3 – in 1 cartridges seemed more popular than most with Sega leading the charge.

I don’t think you’ll be seeing a Nintendo Seal of Quality anytime soon

When not dishing out a trio of hits however, 6-paks seemed to be the big thing with Sega. The most popular one which most will remember was the MegaGames 6 – Vol. 1 collection which featured Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, The Revenge of Shinobi, World Cup Italia ’90, Columns, and Super Hang-On. Hardly the most inspiring collection, but it was a good way to start off the purchase of a new Mega Drive if you could get your hands on the collection.

Not QUITE the SNES Mini Classic standard here

A 2nd and 3rd volume would later appear which strangely featured Columns, World Cup Italia ’90, AND Super Hang-On again. In fact, Vol. 3 was the exact same as Vol. 1 only Golden Axe was removed and Sonic the Hedgehog took its place. There was yet another shuffle of more or less the same games in the release of 6-Pak, and thankfully, this motley crew of rascals didn’t show up again in another collection… well… MOSTLY didn’t show up later on in the Sega Mega Drive Collection, BUT MOVING ON!!!

Didn’t we just see this…

Nintendo, whilst not so generous, still dipped their wick into the 6-game party and released the unforgettable Super Scope 6, with one of the coolest light-gun peripherals ever released for a home console. A friggin’ bazooka. It didn’t always works well, but man it felt powerful sat there on your shoulder. N64 also saw the release of a Namco and Midway collection each, both featured 6 games but Sega’s efforts are what we’ll always remember with the multipaks.

NOW you’re playing with power

There’s some more recent multipak cartridges to be found on the DS and Gameboy Advance, but the early 90s was when it truly felt like a gift.

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