gadget show jxd s7800 review

“The Gadget Show” JXD S7800B Retro Gaming Console Review

“The Gadget Show” JXD S7800B Retro Gaming Console Review

The JXD S7800 was featured on Channel 5’s “The Gadget Show” last week!

The boys tested three gaming devices and judged the JXD S7800 gaming tablet the best of the lot, praising the way the console looks and feels and loving the huge range of games available at no cost to the user.

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jxd gadget show


Gadget Show JXD S7800B Review – Quotes:

 jxd s7800 gadget show

“Be it Atari, NES, Commodore 64, NeoGeo – whatever your retro gaming flavour is – this can emulate it, with a high-resolution screen sandwiched between two very nice ergonomically placed joysticks”

 jxd gadget show review

“What’s the catch? There is no catch – in fact, once you’ve paid your £129.99 for the device, all the games are free; and there are thousands available from the in-built app store, including titles from the original Playstation and NES”

 gadget show jxd

“This is a purpose-built bespoke device with one mission: it’s DNA has been engineered to make playing your favourite game, be it Street Fighter or Crazy Taxi, as easy and enjoyable as possible”

jxd crazy taxi

“I’m loving it”

jxd jason bradbury

“For this sort of money, for this sort of quality of leisure time experience – and the flexibility to use it as a conventional tablet – it doesn’t get much better”

jxd s7800b gadget show

“I think it’s safe to say that the JXD [when judged against an Amazon Fire TV box and an Nvidia Shield] came out on top”

gadget show jxd s7800b

The guys ended up liking the console a little bit too much, and ran off with them…

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  • Im quite impressed at the JXD 7800 performance, only a few games I have had issues with on the N64 and DC.

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