The Games Shed – An Interview With

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

Jamie: Grumpy self-claimed “know-it-all” half of The Games Shed. Lives and breathes gaming, currently playing lots of Fortnite Battle Royale, Forza Motorsport 7, GT Sport and Call of Duty WWII. Enjoys bass-heavy music and solitude. Stupidly owns a boxed Tiger

Mark: : I am the happy half of TGS who doesn’t game much but still loves it. My terrible eyes are a burden but also a great source of entertainment at the same time. I still play Pokémon Go despite the criticism from everyone around me 😎

2. What was your first gaming memory?

Jamie: Christmas morning 1988, seeing the huge pile of presents under the tree, which turned out to be an Amstrad CPC 464, colour screen, coding books, about 40 games and a joystick. Overwhelming at the age of 7, but incredible. Roland on the Ropes and Harrier Attack were earlier faves, followed promptly by anything Dizzy Egg related.

Mark: When I was about 4 we had a lodger that stayed in the spare room in my house. He was a friend of the family and loved computers. He was the one that introduced me to gaming via his ZX spectrum. I remember him loading a tape into the computer and asking me to come back in about half an hour. When I returned he said it had gone wrong and he needed to do it again… Eventually he got the game loaded and it was my first experience of Paperboy and I seem to remember being very impressed. 🙂

3. What are your all-time favourite games?

Jamie: I’ve loads, depending on my mood, specific genre, system or even generation – but for the sake of time 5 games I’d say that I’d be more than happy to be stuck on a desert island with are Dead Space, Super Mario Galaxy, Sega Rally, Virtua Cop (Elite Edition) & Horizon Zero Dawn

Mark: Cannon Fodder, Super Mario World, Zelda Ocarina of time, Goldeneye, classic Pro Evo and Street Fighter 2 all hold a dear place in my heart. In terms of recent games I love playing Prison Architect, Cities Skylines, Rocket League and FIFA…

4. What are your favourite elements of a game – what makes a game “great” for you? (story / action / puzzles?)

Jamie: I’ve never cared too much for stories in games until Horizon Zero Dawn’s story captivated me. For me, gameplay must be a challenge, the game has to be inventive and possess a certain charm.

Mark: I really enjoy simulation games and a really great one will suck your life away without you noticing (Football manager, Sims, Prison Architect etc) Unfortunately I have way too many responsibilities now to let them really take over these days 🙂 Aside from that I am a big fan of a good story game like The Last of us or Life is strange. When you get really drawn into the story, care about the character and want to know what happens next you know it’s a good story…

5. Do you have a prized gaming possession?

Jamie: I have about 150 sealed PS2 games, some of which are incredibly rare. I love those dearly. Additionally, all of my boxed console.

Mark: I have many but if I had to limit it to one then I would say my Clear original Gameboy is up there as one of my most prized. I love a clear handheld console or controller and that is always one I like to show off.

6. Do you have a games “collection”? (if yes, could you provide images?)

Jamie: Yes. It’s ****ing massive. I need to scale it back. Games are two deep on each shelving unit. The hoarding has to stop. The clear out must start.

Mark: I have a personal collection  and a shared collection with Jamie. I converted my loft about two years ago in order to find somewhere to put my collection but being given all that room just meant I filled it up more and more… Between us we have a couple thousand games and probably over 100 consoles. It’s pretty crazy! One day we will get ourselves a lockup and convert it into a massive games room with arcades and a choice of any console retro or modern..

7. Do you go to many of the gaming events throughout the year? – if yes, what do you love most?

Jamie: Not as many as I should. The only event I will not miss in the year is EGX up in Birmingham. I love it. It’s tiring, but such a great few days away.

Mark: Pretty much limited to EGX nowdays but we have attended loads in the past with the coveted press passes. Birmingham is a bit of a trek but I never feel any regret going along because it’s always an awesome weekend. Next year i’d like to get to Play expo in Manchester again as that was a great laugh.

8. Favourite TV shows ever

Jamie: Ever… League of Gentlemen / Alan Partridge, equally.

Mark: I watch a lot of TV so I am usually  enjoying three or four shows at a time, but my favourites ever are: Game of thrones – Walking Dead – Stranger Things – Sopranos – Friday Night Lights – Glee – The Wire.

9. Favourite Movies ever

Jamie: The Usual Suspects (that movie has been somewhat tainted recently… ), Leon The Professional, Battle Royale, Gran Torino, Aliens.

Mark: Some films I can watch over and over again, including:The Green Mile, Gladiator, Back to the Future, Terminator 1 & 2, Holy Grail, Life of Brian and Fight Club. I am a fan of animated films due to having seen them all at the cinema with my kids, my favourites include Lion King, Up, Inside Out and Finding Nemo. Finally I like to chuck just a little Anime in there as well like Akira anf Fist of the North Star.

10. 3 items you would take with you on a desert island

Jamie: GPD XD, My cat Tyler and my wife Laura (are my cat and wife “items”?.. no? oh.. ) err.. GPD XD, my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and PC (Do I have an internet connection? Desert Islands must have LAN, right?)

Mark: My PC (Steam collection in tact). My phone so I could listen to music and watch videos. A lighter or matches… My family and my cat can stay at home. 🙂

And finally , do you have any messages you have for your fans / our readers?

Jamie: Look, I realise I look like Hopper from Stranger Things, for that reason alone I ask that you come and sub to us on YouTube and come and make fun of me on a livestream.

Mark: It’s been a pleasure doing this YouTube thing over the years and getting to meet and talk to so many different people from around the country and the world. I want to say thanks for all the support you have given us and also for saying I am the better one in The Games Shed.. Being part of this gaming community means a lot and I hope it can continue for many years to come. Like, comment, subscribe and please please please RT 😉

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