The New Games Being Developed For Your Old Consoles

If you’ve spend any time on the FunStock site, you’re likely to be a retro gamer that knows full well that old consoles don’t die – they just get better with age.

Even so, did you know that there is still a small but passionate collection of developers who are still working on new titles for your retro machine? Take a look at some of these ‘homebrew’ gems from a selection of developers we’ve uncovered…

Super Fighter Team


Super Fighter Team was founded in California back in 2004, a group of classic gaming enthusiasts brought together dream that new life can be breathed into video games, game systems and computers that have otherwise been abandoned by game companies.

So far, Super Fighter Team have helped develop, localise and revitalise  a number of titles for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES/ Super Famicom, PC and Atari Lynx from China, Japan and elsewhere that would have otherwise never see a worldwide release, including the RPGs Beggar Prince and Legend of Wukong for the Genesis, run and gun side-scroller Nightmare Busters for the SNES and a selection of beat-’em-ups including Sango Fighters and Super Fighter

WaterMelon Games


WaterMelon Games is a development company that evolved from a project originally started by the Sega homebrew community Eidolons Inn. Such was the enthusiasm for the project, called Pier Solar, that a team assembled together to complete the game. Pier Solar and the Great Architects was released in 2010, the first all-new title to be released for the Sega Genesis this millennium. The rather gorgeous turn-based RPG also appeared on Steam Greenlight last month in the hopes of getting a PC release too.

WaterMelon Games are now working on two new titles but, rather unusually, what they will end up as depends on what the community of investors decides. ProjectN is either going to be a Mario-like platformer or a Zelda-like action/adventure and how it is shaped is being decided by a series of polls.

Similarly, ProjectY is shaping up to a beat-’em-up with RPG elements. Take a look at WaterMelons’ Magical Game Factory to find out more.



Hucast was founded in 2008 and specialise in making new games for the Sega Dreamcast. However, the German developers have also created titles for the NEO GEO, iPhone, XBLA and more.

Earlier in 2014, Hucast released Redux: Dark Matters, a classic side-scrolling shoot-’em-up which received great critical response. One of Hucast’s previous schmup titles, DUX 1.5 is the most successful Dreamcast indie game that has ever been sold, Sturmwind and Ghost Blade, as well as the Metroid-style Gunlord RE



UK developer Psycatic (so named in homage to Psygnosis, where the developer once worked in the 1990s) is working on a number of new titles for the Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis.

The first game, The First Invasion – a Space Invaders clone – was more of a spare-time experiment than a full-blown game. However, two all-new titles are in the works: Wanted, a wild west adventure and crime solving game with many elements reminiscent of point and click adventure games and  The Shifting Catacombs, a puzzle dungeon crawler with randomly generated dungeons.

In Pyscatic’s last developer diary, Wanted is hoping to reach completion by winter 2014 and The Shifting Catacombs is planned for a Summer 2015 release.



NG:DEV.TEAM was founded in 2001 in Germany by the brothers Timm Hellwig and René Hellwig. They are a 2D game developer who specialise in arcade style games for iOS, Sega Genesis and NEO GEO.

The developer’s first title was Last Hope, a tactical shooting game with impressive visuals and excellent arcade gameplay made in very limited volumes and since sold out.

In 2010, NG: DEV.TEAM released Fast Striker, a 2D shooter for the Dreamcast and NEo Geo that claims to have featured the biggest Megabit count ever since the beginning of Neo Geo games.

Its latest project is Neo XYX, which was released in February 2014. The game is a fast and intense shooting game with an early 90’s style and claims to be the first full vertical (tate) game for the Neo Geo ever.

Do you know of any other indie developers working on new games for old consoles? Let us know!