The Nintendo Classic Mini has better graphics than the Virtual Console!

The Nintendo Classic Mini is making tons of buzz around the area for being one of the best callbacks to Retro gaming in recent years. With the ability to save during classic games where you normally couldn’t, to the various visual enhancements made to the games, the console is a whole new beast. Speaking of visuals, a YouTuber by the name GameXplain, who is known for his in-depth Smash Brothers videos, has discovered just how much better the Nintendo Classic Mini is than Nintendo’s very own Virtual Console for Wii U.

Looking at the side by side comparison in video in question, it’s plain to see the Nintendo Classic Mini is miles better. Testing Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, and Kirby Adventure, it’s clear just how much better the device can render the games. There is even a made on it that enables you to use a mode called ‘Pixel Perfect’, which displays the game as they would of appeared on PC’s when Developers would test the games themselves. What do you guys think of the differences? If you are looking forward to the Nintendo Classic Mini, then click here to be the first to know about it’s upcoming holiday release!


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