The Retro VGS Is The New Cartridge-Based Gaming Console

Cartridges are making a comeback with the Retro Video Game System, a modern gaming console which gives indie developers the chance to release new games on an old format.

Mike Kennedy of GameGavel and Retro Magazine is heading up development of the console, which will go to a Kickstarter to raise R&D funds.


If you’re a retro gamer, it’s not a case of asking whether or not you “remember” cartridges – you probably still use them every day. Unlike discs, cartridges aren’t easily scratched or broken – they’re durable and known to last decades. Also crucial are the number of moving parts in modern video game consoles – have you been through three or four Xbox 360s and PS3s, despite never having a single NES or N64 die on you? As Mike told VentureBeat:

You can still find Ataris at the swap meet, cartridges, 30 years later, plug them in and it all works. To me that’s the coolest technology out there, with that longevity. A lot of us grew up with it. The kids these days are going to miss out on that.


You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a working original Xbox in 25 years. I just think that’s terrible for the kids these days. I don’t know if they realize that. Maybe it’s not a big deal to them. But we can preserve some of that for them with these retro-style games, which are making a huge comeback right now.


…We have the games coming out. We have tons of indie developers, and even mainstream developers, dusting off old IP and polishing it up. I think retro gaming is kind of an art form by itself at this point. It’s being taken seriously as a genre, at least for digital and streaming. Some of these games like Shovel Knight — don’t you want to play Shovel Knight off a cartridge 10-15 years from now?

So for anyone concerned about the potential shelf life of their modern games versus their SNES and Mega Drive cart collections, rest assured that the Retro VGS will give new games a chance at a longer life – albeit through an older format.

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Source: VentureBeat

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