The Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Winding Back the Tapes

Upon hearing of the arrival of’s new Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA, I could do nothing else other than think back on my amazing and altogether quite different gaming experiences with Sir Clive Sinclair’s revolutionary invention, The ZX Spectrum.48K


It is true that the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was not the first ‘Spectrum’ Console, the ZX80 takes that title. I’m not here to talk about the ZX80 though, however it is important to note that Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum (Which is by far the most well known Spectrum and the best spectrum to most) would not be around if it wasn’t for the ZX80 and ZX81 which helped create a beggining for the ZX Spectrum which is evident through the history of Sinclair Research Ltd. and even some features of the ZX Spectrum itself such as it’s shape and capabilities.


‘Spectrum Fodder’

There are many different models of the ZX Spectrum, all of which are capable of playing cassettes whether a seperate cassette player has to be attached or a cassette player is built into it (as seen on the +2 model). Now why do I mention the spectrum can play cassette tapes? Well unspectrum2like many other retro consoles that you see using cartridges, floppy discs, cards and even discs when it comes to the 90’s, The Sinclair ZX Spectrum loaded games (and other software) from cassette tapes as did a few other home computers at the time such as Amstrad PCs. Before I owned a Spectrum myself, I was quite surpised to hear this but it is in fact 100% true. I had always thought cassettes were just a plastic box thing from ages ago that played music but upon purchasing a ZX spectrum myself, I found myself using cassettes to play some very enjoyable games such as ‘Trashman’ and the well known ‘Dizzy’ games. The ZX Spectrum was a very popular home computer indeed, and this could be due to it’s low cost and compact size as well as the amazing software it had to offer.




There are too many great games for the ZX spectrum to fit into this article, however there are some that stand out and have a special place in our many gaming memories. Personal favourites of mine include Trashman and the Dizzy games as I mentioned before but I also enjoyed others such as Horace goes Skiing and Chuckie egg. They may not appeal to some but there’s far more than enough games for the ZX Spectrum to please retro gamers. Other popular games for the ZX spectrum include Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, The Hobbit, School Daze, Gauntlet and Robocop. Why not give them a shot sometime if you can? In my eyes it could only be time well spent.

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So while waiting for Funstock’s new ZX Spectrum VEGA, Why not blow the dust off your old spectrum and relive some classic memories of your favourite games? Or why not find some more games for a new experience on the good old Spectrum? Whatever you may choose to do, I wish you happy gaming!