The SNES Playstation Prototype Is Fully Operational!

The SNES Playstation and it’s discovery left many of Retro Gamers foaming at the mouth with the possibilties that it held. It was a gem unlike any other, in a time where we’ve all but uncovered all of the mysteries that Retro Gaming has to offer. 

Now the mystery of the spectacular hybrid console is up and running for us to gawk at, and it’s pretty cool. 

So how did the console come back to life? At least to the point of being able to play CDs for a system that technically has no games for it. (That we’re aware of anyway.)

Step in hacker Ben Heck. He’s been hard at work in restorting the system to working order, and breaks down the process that he’s faced so far in restoring the CD drive and enabling it to play CDs that have been made by the Retro Hacking community from scratch.

It’s a fascitating watch, so have a look at the hard work Ben has put into the SNES and Playstation combo package that we’ve wanted to see up and running.

What do you think of this development? What games do you think were made of the SNES Playstation Hybrid?

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