The Supa Retron HD – A SNES Mini Contender Revealed?

SNES Mini Killer? Maybe not, but a clear contender.

It’s well established that we’re all quite nervous about the stock situation with the upcoming SNES Mini. Despite vague reassurance from Nintendo that we’d see more stock than the NES Mini, it hasn’t helped much. We all expect Scalpers to assemble in force to steal hard earned holiday presents from us Retro Gamers who just want a chance to play the SNES Mini.

So enter Hyperkin to save the day! While their Retron HD released after the launch of the NES Mini, many gamers have called the unit a perfect alternative to the unit it’s based on! So Hyperkin are striking while the iron is hot this time and will be releasing their SNES Mini contender a bit closer to the actual launch of the console itself. If you want to pre-order a unit, then click here to book your unit with our store. 

Not a lot is known about the unit just yet as no press release has come out yet, the unit was announced by Hyperkins Chris Gallizzi on his Twitter. It’ll feature the same features as the Retron HD, using hardware rather than emulation, giving more options to enjoy your favourite SNES games in a more traditional way. Sporting aspect ratio options like 16:9 and 4:3 as well as a region switch for PAL/NTSC and of course, Super Famicom. So you can enjoy some of those translation patches for SFC games! You can also expect to see AV and HDMI support up to 720P.

No word on a price or confirmed release date just yet, just that’ll it arrive before the end of the year. So if you miss out on a SNES Mini, consider The Supa Retron HD!

What do you think about this news? Will you pick up a Supa Retron HD in place of a SNES Mini this Holiday season?


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