The Whole Cast Of Final Fantasy VII Was Meant To Die?!


Final Fantasy VII is a hallmark classic in the RPG genre. Cloud and his band of buddies are easily identifiable by RPG and to a degree non RPG fans due to the massive success that the series has generated. The likes of Yuffie, Tifa, Cid, Barret, and more were carefully created to ensure that Cloud had a fantastic group of allies on his adventures. Now, imagine if at some point during the story… they all just died.

Yeah – That would be quite change wouldn’t it?

In a recent history piece done by Polygon which covers the entire history of Final Fantasty VII it’s revealed that the director Yoshinori Kitase had planned to kill… well, pretty much everyone. The discussion between the two members of Square Enix staff is actually quite humorous and casual in nature, as if recalling a bad story idea in casual conversation. It’s quite candid.


Aeries/Aerith’s death was quite impactful. Some people cite her death as one of the most hard hitting deaths in video gaming. Heck, there are still conspiracy videos that are being made analysing if she really would of died from that wound at all. (Some pretty convincing stuff, some people actually argue she could had lived through it and Cloud is a big jerk for just letting her drown to death.) So one could only imagine what sort of ripples the community would of felt if the entire cast was just given the axe.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy series, then click here to check out that Polygon article. It’s easily the most in depth piece on Final Fantasy on the internet, especially with the deep looks at the mindsets of those officially involved with the game.

Also, do you call her Aeris or Aerith? I never know what to say!


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