Think the new Crash Bandicoot remaster is harder than you remember? Here is the reason

It’s the game. Not you.

So you’ve been playing the new Crash Bandicoot Remaster and think. “Oh heck! I don’t remember the jumping being this tricky!” Don’t worry, there is an explanation behind that feeling. Some fans have done some in depth analyzation to try and figure out what is messing with our heads so much.

You may have heard the term hitboxes or collision boxes when playing a fighting game before. These boxes decide to what length your interaction with the environment effects or with other characters. Well, it turns out the collision boxes in the new Crash are a bit different than the ones from the classic PS1 game.

Reddit user Tasty Carcass thinks the N.Sane Trilogy makes use of “pill shaped” collision boxes for our protagonist’s feet. So the ends of their feet are rounded and not flat like they were back in the day. So there is a slight curve when you go to land on edges in the game!

Credit to SmashHouseOok of imgur.

This shape is used as the default for the Unity engine and some other engines. It means that rather than falling off things, you sort of slide down them a bit first, even if it’s a flat plane.” Tasty goes on to explain in a post.

To help confirm this, Tasty did a neat video that showcases this rounded ‘pill’ effect for the collision boxes!

Thankfully the change isn’t exactly game breaking. You just have to adapt a bit. It even gives some improvements over the PS1 system, as you can now jump a bit farther if you time it right. So unless you were a Crash speed runner with insane muscle memory, then you’ll be fine after a little bit.

We can’t be too harsh on developers in this instance, as they’ve had to rebuild the game from scratch. As the source code was nowhere to be found when they went to bring life to the three games. So to be fair, what we’ve got is nothing short of excellent!

What do you think? Has the new Crash remaster been giving you a headache? Or have you not noticed any difference? Let us know in the comments!

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