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Watch: This Guy Beat Dark Souls Using a Pair of Donkey Konga Bongos | Funstock.co.uk

The difficulty of Dark Souls may have been a little overplayed in recent years, but there’s no doubting that it’s an experience that requires patience, precision, and a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics – and a lot of that is dependent on being disciplined with character movements. So if it took you a little while to get to grips with the game’s controls… imagine if you’d played the game with a pair of Donkey Konga Bongos.

Twitch user Bearzly mapped the six controller inputs on the DK Bongos – designed for use with the Gamecube Donkey Konga and Jungle Beat games – to three sets of button maps which could be cycled between as necessary. The result is not straightforward – one set only allows him to move forward and another only allows him to move back, for example. Despite this, Bearzly has been able to beat the game in five hours.

It’s no doubt an impressive feat, and one Bearzly has also managed on Dark Souls I & II with a guitar controller, and also with Rock Band drums:

We’d like to see him try this with a Dance Dance Revolution mat – he might get a little tired after five hours of dancing, though.

Source: Eurogamer

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