This Mini Famicom Commercial Is The Best!

So the Nintendo Classic Mini is getting loads of attention, deservedly so as it’s one of the best ideas they’ve had in recent memory. The fanfare for the system is nothing short of excellent too. If you want to pick a Nintendo Classic Mini up for yourself, then sign up for our mailing list on the product! We’ll notify you the moment we have stock. You can do that by clicking here.

Obviously Nintendo is a Japanese company and they have the Japanese equivalent to the Nintendo Classic Mini. The amazing Famicom Mini. But what’s even better about the unit, is the marketing behind it, as Nintendo have released a commercial to advertise the Famicom Mini.

The results are pretty entertaining as the new commercial emulates that of the classic commercial that aired for the system back in Japan when it was properly being launched. Take a look at the two videos down below and compare the differences! It’s cute to see advertising like this still around that show just how much Nintendo love what they do.

First up is the new commercial…

Then you have old commercial.

It’s really cool to see just how closely they followed the formula with the new advert! What do you guys think of this one?

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