This Nintendo themed Bed and Breakfast is a gaming dream come true!

BnB’s are something that often people forget are an option when it comes to travel, often opting instead for lavish and name brand hotels, instead of checking out who might be lending out a room for a much cheaper price. More often that not, these rooms offer a better experience than anything the bigger hotels can provide. A prime example of this level of hospitality and creativity comes from 32-year-old programmer André Farinha, who is a big fan of gaming and all things geeky, as he’s renovated on of the rooms in his flat into a Nintendo fan’s biggest dream…


The room is fitted and furnished through the room with a crazy amount of detail and love for the Nintendo brand, it’s not just a small bedroom area either. Andre even decorated the bathroom in Nintendo love! In the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, it’s insane to think that such a fantastic room is sitting there ready for anyone to stay the night for such a cheap price. Andre even has a Star Wars related room set up in the same house, which is equal levels of crazy talented design.


The room isn’t just a Mario fest either, you can see love thrown to all sorts of Nintendo franchises and consoles from the 3DS to the Wii U. Andre has admitted to having at least thrown down 10,000 Euros into the room, not to mention many hours out of his day getting every detail just right! But worry not, it’s not going to be an expensive stay, you can stay in the room overnight for around 35 pounds, and thrown in the love for Retro Gaming, it’s quite clear where you should bunk down when you visit Portugal!


All in all, it’s a pretty cool set up. Especially if you ever wanted to try to holiday in a different fashion! What about you guys? Would you like to stay there for the night? Or even live in that room? Imagine a whole house decorated like this!


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