Top 5 Biggest Chests In Gaming!

We’ve done our fair share of lists over the years here at FunstockRetro. We’ve covered everything from Castlevania Games everyone should play, to Characters who have no idea what the M on Marios hat means. But we wanted to press the line a bit and do a list that nobody has done before, one that would take the world by storm over and make people recognise our journalistic prowess and video game knowledge. 

We put our heads in the office on topics we could cover. Perhaps tackle our longest shelved theory piece on why Danny Devito was the Hollywood Actor that the developers of Legend Of Zelda used for Adult Link’s design in Ocarina of Time? Maybe do the most obscure Kingdom Hearts levels that should be in Kingdom Hearts 3, such as Mighty Joe Young or the Mighty Ducks. But then came up with the best idea ever. 

This is the Top 5 Biggest Chests In Gaming, everyone.

The Chests In Ocean Cave – Super Mario 64

Starting off the list off is one of the biggest names in the Video Game world, and while his chests might look a bit small up close. A closer look will reveal it all. Mario 64 and the treasure chests waiting in the Ocean Cave level are about the same height as Mario. Who judging by the game, and the fact that Peach is taller than him, he’s more than likely somewhere around 5’1 at the very least. To have a treasure chest be the same height as himself would mean that he’s dealing with a pretty big treasure chest!

All in all, a solid starter to our list of the biggest chests, Mario 64 sets the stage! Who else will make the list? Only bigger chests of course!

Basic Chests – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. A hallmark game when it comes to discovering chests of all sizes, but we’re going with the game that many call their all-time favourite Castlevania game. SOTN saw a shift in the way Castlevania was played and introduced the term ‘Metroidvania’ into the world.  You’ve got a plethora of chests to collect in the game, and even the basic chests look to be quite the large undertaking. Judging from the height of Alucard himself, and the chest. We’ve got a slight upgrade from the chests we saw in Mario 64.

No stranger to big chests, Castlevania shows off its exceptionally large chests with ease and we’re all the thankful for them.

Mimic Chests in Nino Ruins – Megaman Legends

Megaman has some pretty big chests, so big that they have friggin legs! Yes, the chests in Nino Ruins are those classic little beasts called Mimics! What is unique and makes these chests one of the more developed chests of the games mentioned so far is that they sprout two legs and run around like mad men! Mimics are always quite a bit terrifying, especially when they manage to tower over your main character by a country mile. Thus making it one of the biggest chests around.

The competition is starting to get pretty dang big now, what on earth could be down the line to trump the likes of Megaman Legends and its chest with legs?!

Basic Chests – Legend of Zelda

The chests in the Legend of Zelda are well, legendary. It’s a series known for its big chests. We all know the jingle when Link manages to get a new item, and we equally know the massive nature of the chests that he finds those items in. They’re hidden everywhere and hold all sorts of secrets, to be honest it’s quite amazing that young Link can handle chests so big! Given the size of the chests and his small hands, it’s a wonder how he does it!

Iconic for big chests, the Legend of Zelda takes our 2nd place spot. So, what is the biggest chest around in video game land?

Lockup – Banjo Kazooie

This is it, everyone. The biggest chest in gaming, the guardian of Gruntildia’s booty… Lockup! Lockup is the only sentient chest on this list, he’s got eyeballs, a voice, and teeth to knaw at you with. He far outsizes Banjo and Kazooie, although most things in the game seem to do. It makes you wonder sometimes if the bear and bird duo just happen to be particularly tiny. Regardless, Lockup is one the biggest chests we’ve ever seen! Given a number of big chests in gaming, that is saying something!

Being the biggest must be a burden, heck, not being able to move and just… being a treasure chest, in general, must be a burden. But Lockup takes the cake in every regard!

That was our list of the Top 5 Biggest Chests in Gaming! Do you have a bigger choice? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it into the comments down below! Be aware that we’ve taken this list as seriously as possible, so make sure to check your submission for the appropriate size guidelines before letting us know your pick. But if it fits, we’ll add it in! Which was your personal favourite? The gaming world seems to be obsessed with big chests!

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