Top 5 Retro Gaming Sidekicks

Characters you can count on

There is a saying that is quite amusing but also speaks volumes of what a serious bond is. A good friend will bail you out of Jail. Whereas a best friend will be right there with you saying “Well, that could have gone better.” That is what it means to know you have a sidekick. A true friend. Brother or sister. Someone you can count on no matter what happens, whether you aim to save the world from an egg-shaped man, or just ride into another battle.

In the world of Retro Gaming, we know a plethora of characters like this. We’ve either enjoyed having them by our side in a non-playable format, or by handing the controller to our own sidekicks and enjoying their presence as a Player 2. We recently covered some of the best Retro Co-Op games you could pick up with a friend, and this time we’ll cover some of the best characters in gaming that are by the side of some of favourite main characters.

So without any further hesitation, let us jump into the Top 5 Retro Gaming Sidekicks!

Rush [Mega Man]

One of the best companions you can have in life is a good dog. A tried and true saying in life by a mile. Rush is a great example of this, as he is our go to though when it comes to our sidekick in the Mega Man series. Where some might say Roll, most think of Rush. He’s a dog that we’re happy to always have by our side, even if he does follow the Yoshi formula a bit in that we sometimes are guilty of using him to get that extra step when we need it. Sadly leaving the poor dog behind us.

But despite how we use Rush, we all love Rush and know we can count on him in a dire situation like any good dog.

Kazooie [Banjo and Kazooie]

The Banjo and Kazooie series introduced us the fun world of the Rare 3D Platformer, just like Donkey Kong Country did for us back on the SNES. Titular bear Banjo and the sassy Kazooie. She has our back, quite literally. It can’t be easy for her either, stuck in a backpack all day carrying around Banjo in every which way possible. Running around, flying around, and storing all sorts of items with her. Despite the obvious inconvenience of having to carry the weight of the brown bear we know and love, it’s clear the level of companionship the two have.

Kazooie is one of the greatest sidekicks we could ask for on an adventure, just be ready for some sass.

Tails [Sonic The Hedgehog]

Miles Prower himself everyone! Tails is THE sidekick when it comes to the character you entrust to your little brother if you have a sibling. Or the character you can put yourself in the shoes of if you’ve ever tagged alongside the ‘cool’ kid in life. Tails is innocence personified, he is the character you want to teach about all the good in the world. The ability to fly and build some of the coolest gadgets you’ll ever see. Without a doubt, Tails is one of the best sidekicks in gaming, not just Retro Gaming.

Without a doubt, Tails is one of the best sidekicks in gaming, not just Retro Gaming.

Luigi [Super Mario Bros]

Luigi at number 2?! Whoa, put the pitchforks down guys! We know it might seem a bit crazy, but this is our list! Give us some slack! While a joke could be made that the 2nd place spot going to Luigi is fitting, Luigi overall deserves all the praise in the world. He is a perfect example of the Everyman. Mario gets the limelight, but Luigi is there doing everything he can to support his brother and help out when and where he can! Wether it is braving his own fear of the unknown like Haunted Mansions, or just accompanying Mario on another adventure.

Luigi could qualify for plenty of things, being a great sidekick is just one of his many accolades.

Epona [Legend Of Zelda]

Epona is a vital part of the ‘Legend’ in the Legend of Zelda. She is a horse that was by no means a method to just traverse the world. We got to meet her at a young stage, we grew with her and she was always there. It felt like when you get your first pet. You can instantly sense the responsibility you’ll be undertaking by creating this bond, but once you know you’ve made the appropriate impact, the feeling is like no other. Epona is a kind and steady soul that won’t mind running along alternate dimensions with you, meeting you further down the line in another life, and overall being there when she is needed for support.

Epona is our go to companion in Retro Gaming and we’ll always be thankful for her presence.

That was our list! We’re sure everyone has their own opinions on their own sidekick, and we’d love to hear it! Who do you personally feel is the best person to have by your side in Retro Gaming? Who do you think is the best person to have with you on your adventure? We might just add them onto the list as an honourable mention, as 5 slots is not enough to cover some of the best Sidekicks in Retro Gaming! 

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