Top 5 SNES Games We Want To Play On The SNES Mini!

The SNES Mini is taking the internet by storm. People are excited by the notion of having a pocket SNES to plug into their TVs to introduce a new generation to the classics that we all grew up with. Rightfully so, as the SNES had an abundance of classics that everyone from the 90s knows very well. 

Classics such as Harvest Moon, Super Mario RPG, Actraiser, Yoshi’s Island, and much more are all hallmarks of our respective youth. Arguably more than the NES for some of us. So the idea of a SNES Mini has us licking our lips and rubbing our palms together at the plethora of choices Nintendo could make with the featured games.

For now, we have mindless speculation and dream lists. So let us list five of our favourite games that we would LOVE to see on the SNES Mini!

[5] Earthbound

The Mother series is undoubtedly one of the most requested franchises to be requested to be featured on Nintendo hardware. From the fans requesting en mass for Mother 3 to get a proper translation and release for Western audiences, to the boatload of cries for a new game in the series. This quirky RPG series is one that everyone wants to see get some love and attention.

Earthbound – The only game in the series to get a release outside of Japan back in the day is a hallmark classic of an RPG. Playing as a young kid named Ness and his attempt to stop an evil alien menace with his close friends in toe is an easy plot to screw up with bad writing. But the game showcases a slew of hilarious references, enjoyable enemies, and some downright deep story elements through the adventure.

If you never played Earthbound, we sincerely hope that the SNES Mini will become the perfect outlet to gain new fans of the series!


[4] Super Metroid

The release of Super Metroid marked a wave of interest for the series that brought it from modest NES title to an established franchise. (Now if Nintendo would embrace this status already…)

Boasting a setting that people undoubtedly loved given the immense popularly of the ‘Alien’ franchise – Super Metroid was a hit with gamers everywhere. It had everything, stunning graphics, an immersive level with tons to backtrack on to collect and explore, and of course, one of greatest ladies in gaming – Samus Aran.

It’s an action-adventure experience that everyone needs to experience, and we hope that Nintendo shows the series some serious love by featuring the game on the SNES Mini.


[3] Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country is undoubtedly one of the best platformers ever made and was brought to us by a talented team from Leicestershire, Rare. The lads over at Rare are obviously known for making some great games, from Golden Eye to Banjo Kazooie.

Before these games though, they gave us Donkey Kong Country. A game that Shigeru Miyamoto at one point considered to be all flash and no substance, famously saying “Donkey Kong Country proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good.” (It’s okay now, he likes it after all. Just needed to let Shiggy simmer on it a bit.)

The man could not be more incorrect, as Donkey Kong country easily provides some of the most thumb twitching gameplay the SNES has ever produced and is we sincerely hope that Nintendo features the game on its upcoming miniature console.


[2] Super Mario World

We all know Super Mario World. We know the startup screen, the first level, it’s the game everyone and their nan knows.

Rightfully so! Bundled with the SNES at the time, it provided one of the best Mario experiences ever. Often dividing people between Super Mario Bros. 3 and World, it hit us hard with a glossy new paint job in glorious 16-bit graphics, new gameplay elements, such as the cape, and much more. It’s the definitive Mario experience for a great number of us.

Simply put, the SNES is not the SNES without Super Mario World. So if it’s not included, then we’ll eat a hat. But we sure hope it’s included because we don’t want to eat a hat. Like seriously.


[1] The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

While Super Mario World is the game that is the game everyone knows from the Super Nintendo, A Link to the Past is the game that put the ‘Super’ in the Super Nintendo.

It’s the RPG that taught the big boys how it’s done. The likes of Chrono Trigger, Terranigma, and even Earthbound all took cues from the granddaddy of 16 bit RPG goodness. You’ve got one of the most creative and immersive worlds ever made. For context, back in the day. This was our Witcher 3. It was a jaw-dropping experience that ate time in copious amounts, hours could be spent adventuring through the land of Hyrule! Meeting different characters, battling through dungeon after dungeon, and becoming the essential Zelda experience that we all know today.

Put simply, you cannot have a SNES Mini without The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Just cannot be done.

That’s our list! Do you agree with it? What classics would you like to see added? Let us know!

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    Chrono Trigger
    Castlevania III
    Final Fantasy IV & VI
    Super Bomberman V
    Contra III