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The_Legend_of_Zelda_series_(logo)Legend of Zelda Merchandise and Accessories

We’ve got a wide range of amazing licensed retro gaming merchandise, gifts and accessories over on our store site – and some really cool stuff for one iconic franchise in particular.

We love the Zelda series, and in this article we’re going to look at some of the coolest merch, T-shirts, hoodies and more – all officially licensed and designed specifically for fans. So let’s take a look at the best Legend of Zelda merchandise and accessories, all available in our Zelda store.

Legend of Zelda Hoodies

These Zelda hoodies feature designs in the style of GameCube/Wii release Twilight Princess. Thick with long-sleeves, they’re perfect for a trek through Snowhead Temple… or a trip to the shops. Either way, they’ll keep you warm.










Legend of Zelda T-Shirts

Three really great designs on these Zelda shirts –  in the top-left there’s a subtle black design with Triforce logo and three the symbols of the Oracles. In the top-right, an Ocarina of Time T-shirt depicting the final clash between Link and Ganondorf in Hyrule Castle – a striking design for any big fans of the N64 games. In the bottom-left, a women’s  Zelda tank top with the Twilight Princess design. And in the bottom right, the same shirt on a men’s T-shirt.

zelda-shirtzelda-tshirtzelda womens t shirtt-shirt-440x440


Legend of Zelda Merchandise

Need to protect your keys? How about a Metal Hylian Shield keyring! Or a Zelda wallet to upgrade the number of rupees you can hold. We’ve also got Zelda purses, beanies, caps, bags and backpacks – just hit this link (or click on the pictures of anything you’re interested in) to get more info!

zelda keyringzelda-wallet-440x440zelda-bag-440x440zelda cap

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