Top Ten Coolest Women In Video Games!

Video games have given us some of the greatest stories and gameplay experiences ever. Simple as that. They make us smile, scream at the top of our lungs, and even cry. This is thanks to the care that goes into the planning of each game that we’ve come to know and love. One of the most important parts of a video game are the characters inside of it. We all know about the Solid Snakes and Plumbers leading the charge just fine. But it’s important not to forget the women that talented teams have made thus far. When it comes to the ladies being represented and shown in a good light, there have been a variety of good examples as well. For every princess, there is a kick ass super spy or magic witch. So let’s go through the Top Ten Coolest Women In Video Games!

I’ve compiled a list of who I feel are some of the best women in the Video Game world. (If your own pick isn’t on here, don’t worry! This is my opinion. So you can have your own, if you have someone who think should have been on here, sound off in the comment section below!) Without further udo, let’s jump right into the list!

10. Bonnie Mcfarlane – Red Dead Redemption
Bonnie Banner
Bonnie is the perfect example of a strong ‘every woman’ type of character. An all-rounder. Most people can relate with this woman very easily. Her ties are specifically to her family, as she works on a Ranch with her father and often counted on when things start to go a bit haywire. The best part of her character is that she isn’t the some sort of damsel in distress! After being kidnapped in the game by some Outlaws, it was up to the player to rescue her from a certain demise. Upon her rescue however, instead of tears and jumping into the arms of the player, she had banter ready! “Why didn’t you get here sooner?!” What a lass! Hats off to Bonnie for sure.

9. ShanoaCastlevania Order of Eclesia
Shanoa banner
Shanoa marks the first time the Castlevania series has had a female heroine for their games. (Properly, not counting non-official titles.) What a character she is as well! Her back story is one that just has a massive amount of character behind it. You get to find out the mystery behind her memory loss and emotions. You want to know what the REAL Shanoa is like, and at the same time, you get glimpses as you make your way through the game. The memory loss trope is quite common, but there is just something about the way the Castlevania series has worked with this in regards to Shanoa that you find yourself unable to put your Nintendo DS down til the very end of the game. Good work Konami.

8. Pharah – Overwatch
parah banner
A relative newcomer to the video game world, Pharah brings a commanding presence to herself upon playing as her. If you look into her back story as well, she is certainly not cannon fodder by any stretch. A girl with aspirations of becoming a strong fighter and protector just like her mother, who is a highly decorated soldier. However her mother was very much against her being a soldier like herself, as she had seen too much death in her time. However her want to protect those in the world and fight to bring peace was too much to keep under wraps. A high-ranking soldier in her own right, Pharah is a perfect example of going after the path you think you should take. Also, rockets are awesome.

7. Jade – Beyond Good and Evil
jade banner
The Ubisoft team has a real talent for making some great women in their games. Jade being a perfect example of how to make a leading lady in a video game. She is not the type of woman to cry for help, instead the citizens of her world actually look to her for help. Her appearance has a real ‘kick ass’ feel to it as well. The best part is that she is just like everyone else, when fighting alongside her pig man buddy Pey’j, they share banter, and look at each other as equals. She is simply a woman on a mission to take care of those around her, even if it means a crazy adventure involving conspiracies and big corporations. Fearless, spunky, and skilled. Everything you can want from a leading lady for sure!

6. Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark
joanna dark banner

Joanna Dark is a perfect reference to similar ladies in the same genre of Science Fiction like Dana Scully from the X-Files and Makoto from Ghost in the Shell. (Her name is even a reference to Joan of Arc!) She’s the best representation of a field agent with some serious skill behind her talents, that’s a given with her name of course. But it’s highly entertaining to play as Joanna. In the same way one might want live as James Bond or Superman, you get the same feeling from playing the adventures of Joanna. She’s the one people call when things go wrong, and even in the midst of a world breaking threat to all life as we know it, she’s ready to face it head on. You could say she’s a rarity. (Points if you get the reference!)

5. Lilith – Borderlands
lil banner

Lilith is very much like Jean Grey from the X-Men series. Powers that only seem to grow as the years go on, and sometimes beyond her own control. However, despite everything she gets thrown at her, she’s just as snappy and quick-witted as ever. Giant monsters, stupid amounts of bandits? No concern. It’s another day being a Vault Hunter for her. She really does go through some hell and back as well, from an early age she is given a harsh card from life. But it’s the backbone of what builds her as a character really. The best part is that there is a considerable build to her character a plethora of interesting back story bits that just has to be experienced. (Playing Borderlands 2 and running into Lilith is such a blast.)  If you aren’t familiar with this Siren, pick up some Borderlands titles ASAP!

4. Faith – Mirrors Edge
faith banner

Underdogs are awesome. Female underdogs? Even better. When you get put into the shoes of Faith, you are put through some basic combat training and about to do a standard delivery for a client. However, things spiral out of control. WAY out of control. Faith being right in the centre of it all, and with only a few basic skills and her wits about herself, she is made to step up to the plate as if the chaos was a normal day instead. Faith is the perfect character you want to root for, when you pull off a death-defying jump, its rewarding for yourself, but also feel the effect with Faith as well! It shows how much Mirrors Edge made an impact that the 2nd one has released now as well. Let’s hope to see more of Faith in the future.

3. Yennefer – The Witcher
yennefer banner

Yennefer is the woman with the power. She’s commands everything, and it is AWESOME. Her skill in magic is second to none, and the way that she uses her skills while keeping her own motives close to her chest is very interesting and well done. Interaction with Yennefer never seems finished, but in a good way. You want to talk to her more and more as you meet her. What are these references she constantly makes? Who does she really value above all else? Yennefer could have her own playable section in the Witcher and it wouldn’t seem one bit out-of-place. There are few women in the gaming world that command the type of presence as her.

2. The Boss – Metal Gear Solid 3
the boss banner

She’s got the name already. Anyone using the moniker of ‘The Boss’ has to live up to the title. The woman responsible for teaching Big Boss everything he knows is for sure not a slouch. You are taken on a wild ride with ‘The Mother of the Special Forces’. Betrayal, Pain, Loss. Her story in MGS3 is one that affects the entire history of the Metal Gear series, and when you understand the scope of it all, you really appreciate her struggle and morals. Strength is the core part of her character, she will not step aside for her beliefs and fight to the end for what she thinks is right. Even against familiar faces. She’s the best example of a woman’s representation of ‘Strong Leader’. If you’ve not played Metal Gear Solid 3, you owe it to yourself to sit down and play one of the most captivating stories, with this woman right in the middle of it all.

1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider
lara banner

The greatest survivalist. Classic Lara is an icon. The reboot however has given her such an edge that is unseen anywhere else in a video game however.  When you are put into the game, you feel like you are Lara. You feel her struggles, you feel her fear, you experience it all in the span of the start of the game. The journey from scared human being to fully capable survivalist is one for the ages. They’ve taken some of the best aspects of Lara and made her a character anyone can relate to. What would you do in such a situation? What would you be willing to do? Lara has started as one of the best leading ladies, and when taken in a new direction, she more than leads the charge. Here is to more of her adventures in the future.

That’s all of em! There have been such a crazy amount of awesome women in Video Games, so it’s hard to cover them all. So if YOU have anyone you think should have been included in this list, simply comment down below! I’d love to read about anyone else you guys think can recognized for this sort of thing.

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