Top Ten Sexiest Women In Video Games Since 1981…

Women are responsible for some of the coolest innovations and advancements in the modern world. Women in gaming are very much the same way, we’ve actually covered some of the coolest Women in gaming already, you can read about who we picked by clicking here! This time around we’re taking a different direction and looking at the sexiest women in video games…

We’re going to be looking at some of the sexiest women in gaming! Yup, these women personify everything that can make a woman ‘sexy’! Curves, the movement, the allure, and visuals that both men and women alike can come to appreciate!

But enough waiting, make sure your boss isn’t around, or hide the computer from your partner, cause things are about to get a bit sexy! It’s time for the ‘Top Ten Sexiest Women In Video Games Since 1981…’

10. Kasumi from Dead or Alive (Released: November 26, 1996)
Japan is known for it’s legendary dedication to the art of being a pervert. Games like Gal* Gun, Valkyrie Drive, and Senran Kagura to name a few. Kasumi is the one the best examples of Japanese perversion at it’s finest. Half the time, alongside high pitched nearing on soft core porn moans while she’s fighting, she’s always half naked. Short skirts, upskirts, and much more. Some people don’t like the idea of her character, but for many, she’s a perfect personification of ‘sexy’, not for lack of trying either!

9. Ivy from Soul Calibur (Released: January 29, 1996)
There’s a great joke that goes around the gaming community about Ivy, that as each Soul Calibur game is released, she starts to wear less and less armour. If we wait long enough, this woman will be fighting the likes Taki in the buff, which for many would be a dream come true. She’s basically a fighting dominatrix, granted she is never painted that way, but the medium length hair and over one eye, whip in hand, and exposed body? She’s basically a BDSM fantasy fighting Japanese Swordsmen and Link from Legend of Zelda.

7. Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 (Released: January 31, 1997)
Number 7, which was legitimately not planned to line up so well given the game series she is from, but it’s a nice little coincidence. Tifa has two gigantic… arms that will throw a punch that can knock the hell out of anyone that steps in her way! She has an intense set of… eyes that’ll make you think twice when dealing with her! Tifa… has some pretty big knockers. I couldn’t dance around the issue any longer, her breasts are those of gaming legend! Anyone who part of the ‘T’ group of ‘TnA’ will love Tifa to the moon and back! But barring her bonkers, she’s a damn good fighter. One of the only characters able to go toe to toe with big baddie Sephiroth with only their fists, Tifa will make sure your focus is elsewhere by the time she’s done with you.

6. Ada Wong from Resident Evil (Released: March 22, 1996)
Zoey is an example of the girl next door every day sort of survivor you want with you, Ada Wong? She’s the woman you think to yourself “Who the hell is this elite chick?” as she’s tearing through zombie flesh in a Chinese dress like it’s another day in the park. She’s other worldly, not grimy and ready for tussle. She’s calm, collected, and in control of the situation. Hatching a plan, and ready to escape when needed. She is the perfect personification of allure, you gravitate towards her mystery and her aura. 

5. Ms. Pac Man (Released: January 13, 1981)
Ms. Pac Man is an animal. The Retro Gaming community is well aware of her exploits. Her night time flings with Qbert, speed sessions with Sonic, and much more. It’s no secret she’s so skilled at her sexcapades, she gobbles down balls every day and just flaunting around buck naked apart from some boots and bow! She paved the way for all women on this list though, when it comes to sexy women in gaming, you’ll find no better example than the married temptress that is Ms. Pac Man.

5. Mai from King of Fighters (Released: August 25, 1994)
I made a few jokes when it came to Tifa being on the sexiest women list, but there is no way around it. When it comes to Mai, she is all image all the way. She’s fighter with a backstory, yes. But be honest, you don’t exactly think about her past when you first see her. There is nothing wrong with this either, if she wants to flaunt what she has going on, then so be it! Heck, it’s probably proved quite useful on the battlefield against her opponents. Get ready for a fight and you see this under dressed lady? I’d lose the fight just for the angle.

4. Eva from Metal Gear Solid (Released: September 3, 1998)
Metal Gear Solid has a history of… well, perverted encounters. Running into the panty clad Meryl as she is changing, streaking related missions, and Eva and her gigantic breasts always being on display to name a few instances. Quiet is the latest entry into this trope with the MGS series, as she makes little to no sense from a battlefield perspective. Her outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, it’s all out there, breasts, booty, the whole package is there for you to gawk at. Do we mind one bit? No. We really don’t.

3. Cammy from Street Fighter (Released: 1992)
Move over World Warrior! It’s time for Cammy, the ‘Wedgie Warrior’ herself! Oh man, Cammy is unabashed in her sex appeal being on display. She’s just the best example of Video Game tropes in action. Before we touched on Tifa putting the ‘T’ in TnA, well, Cammy is the A for sure. There is no way anyone would go into battle wearing what she does, but the former ‘Doll’ turned Street Fighter cares little. She’s ready to tactically take down any opponent, and has spiral arrowed her way into our hearts.

2. Samus from Metroid (Released: August 6, 1986)
Samus is sexy. Simple as. She’s a hero who has it all under control and one of the best parts of her sex appeal is that under that armor is pretty much a stunning model, a model that’ll kick you straight into the air and watch you fly. She’s not really got much to say, and lets her actions speak louder than her voice. But really, we all want to see the Zero Suit in action adorned on Samus, as it’s a side we don’t get to see often. While it means certain doom, it’ll be a good death.

1. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (Released: 25 October 1996)
At the top of our list of ‘Sexiest Women in Video Games Since 1981’ is Lara Croft, the original Lara, not the rebooted version and she is ‘Sexy’ in a nutshell. Ask anyone who they think the most slammin woman in Video Games is and they’ll either say “Why are you asking me that you sicko?” or “Lara Croft.” It’s easy to see why, everything about Lara was designed to appeal to a ‘sexy’ image. Booty shorts, big chest, and much more. Our hats are off to Laura, much like Kimberly from the Power Rangers, she was the introduction into just how sexy women in popular media could be.

That’s about it!  One important thing to remember here is that while these women have ranked for ‘Sexy’, they are awesome across the board. They all have their own character, backstory, and personality that we should acknowledge as well. Lara and her past. Rayne and her fight against Vampires. Zoey and her struggle to survive. These are characters that someone put thought behind, so always appreciate the creation element behind them, because they catch you with their looks, but stay for the person!

We couldn’t cover everyone, but damned if we didn’t try our best! If your pick of femme fatale isn’t on here, then comment below! Hell, we might even add an ‘Honourable Mention’ section later on if a particularly lady gets enough verbal support. But in closing, it’s been a fun experience to pick a few of the most sexy women in the Video Game spectrum!


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